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From 01/01/2016 To 10/21/2018

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GameTotal WinnersTotal Amount WonOdds
250000 Crossword111$27,750,000.00 
Ultimate Crossword101$14,325,000.00 
Crossword27$1,350,000.001 in 3.97
10 Million Cash Bonanza24$6,000,000.00 
Icy Hot 7-11-2120$600,000.00 
100 Million Money Mania16$5,500,000.00 
25x The Money12$3,000,000.00 
Bingo Boogie12$600,000.00 
Candy Cane Crossword12$675,000.00 
Black Diamond 7s10$2,500,000.00 
250000000 Cash Spectacular9$9,000,000.00 
300000000 Cash Spectacular9$8,600,000.00 
100X The Money9$8,700,000.00 
2000000 Extravaganza8$6,500,000.00 
Illinois Millions8$9,500,000.00 
Emerald Green 7s8$2,000,000.00 
Triple Win8$240,000.00 
Wild Cherry Bingo7$350,000.00 
Rockin Bingo7$3,500,000.00 
Full of 500s7$1,750,000.00 
Blues Bingo7$1,400,000.00 
50 X The Cash7$700,000.00 
500 Frenzy6$1,200,000.00 
20000 Taxes Paid6$145,656.00 
Disco Bingo6$1,200,000.00 
Ruby Red 7s6$1,500,000.00 
Sapphire Blue 7s6$1,500,000.00 
Money Machine6$600,000.00 
Red Ribbon Cash5$250,000.00 
Slingo Gold5$250,000.00 
Treasure Hunt5$250,000.00 
World Class Millions5$15,400,000.00 
250000 Jackpot5$1,250,000.00 
10 Million Payout5$1,250,000.00 
5 Bingo5$1,000,000.00 
5 Crossword5$375,000.00 
50X The Cash5$500,000.00 
Holiday Bonus5$500,000.00 
Gold Rush4$200,000.00 
Black Ice 7s4$1,000,000.00 
100000 Poker4$400,000.00 
Wild Cherry Tripler4$120,000.00 
Veterans Cash4$200,000.00 
Special Olympics4$200,000.00 
Towering 10s3$1,500,000.00 
The MS Project3$150,000.00 
Reindeer Riches3$600,000.00 
Seasons Greetings3$600,000.00 
Money Money Money3$1,500,000.00 
Merry Millionaire3$3,000,000.00 
Wheel of Fortune3$750,000.00 
WPT Texas Hold Em3$750,000.00 
1000000 Jumbo Bucks3$3,000,000.00 
20X The Cash3$600,000.00 
4000000 GOLD BULLION3$6,000,000.00 
250000 Taxes Paid3$750,000.00 
500000 Jackpot3$1,500,000.00 
Amethyst 7/s3$750,000.00 
Casino Millions3$6,000,000.00 
Casino Royale3$750,000.00 
Cash Blizzard3$600,000.00 
Diamonds & Gold3$1,500,000.00 
Aces High2$500,000.00 
Dazzling Dollars2$500,000.00 
Diamond Mine 9X2$500,000.00 
Fabulous Fortune2$5,000,000.00 
Fantastic 5s2$500,000.00 
Fruity Fortune2$100,000.00 
Happy Holidays2$1,000,000.00 
Holiday Magic2$400,000.00 
Cash Winfall2$500,000.00 
Casino Cashword2$100,000.00 
Chicago Blackhawks2$100,000.00 
Break the Bank2$1,000,000.00 
BIG Money2$500,000.00 
500000 Taxes Paid2$1,000,000.00 
500000 Big Money2$1,000,000.00 
250000 Tax Refund2$500,000.00 
2000000 Jumbo Bucks2$4,000,000.00 
100000 Cash2$2,000,000.00 
3000000 CASH JACKPOT2$2,000,000.001 in 2.52
Willy Wonka Golden Ticket2$1,000,000.00 
Million Dollar Payday2$2,000,000.00 
Lucky Loot2$500,000.00 
King of Clubs2$400,000.00 
Kings Ransom2$500,000.00 
Multi Millionaire2$4,000,000.00 
Money Match2$500,000.00 
Queen of Hearts2$400,000.00 
The Special Olympics2$100,000.00 
Ticket for the Cure2$100,000.00 
The Money Game2$500,000.00 
MM 25000 Shopping Spree1$25,000.00 
200000000 CASH SPETACULAR1$1,000,000.001 in 3.46
10 Million Cash1$100,000.00 
20 years of Cash (2000 wk)1$1,810,197.00 
5000 a week for 20 Years1$4,132,909.00 
500 A Week For Life!1$392,000.00 
5 Million Jackpot1$100,000.00 
3000000 Jumbo Bucks1$3,000,000.00 
50X The Money1$2,000,000.00 
Jokers Wild1$200,000.00 
Jumbo Bucks1$3,000,000.00