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DateGameNumbersAdditional Play
12/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-21-38-40-44 
12/09/2022Midday Pick 35-4-4FB: 7
12/09/2022Midday Pick 44-1-8-2FB: 6
12/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-07-16-20-38 
12/08/2022Evening Pick 31-1-1FB: 2
12/08/2022Evening Pick 46-0-1-0FB: 9
12/08/2022Lotto03-04-11-27-45-46ES: 23
12/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-03-06-15-17 
12/08/2022Midday Pick 34-3-6FB: 0
12/08/2022Midday Pick 46-5-0-0FB: 7
12/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-13-24-28-43 
12/07/2022Evening Pick 35-2-6FB: 2
12/07/2022Evening Pick 49-9-8-6FB: 0
12/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-11-19-24-28 
12/07/2022Midday Pick 31-1-0FB: 2
12/07/2022Midday Pick 47-3-9-6FB: 2
12/07/2022Powerball06-28-44-59-61[21]PP: X2
12/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-20-36-38-40 
12/06/2022Evening Pick 38-1-3FB: 5
12/06/2022Evening Pick 45-1-8-6FB: 9
12/06/2022Mega Millions15-16-19-28-47[13]MP: X3
12/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-05-21-25-33 
12/06/2022Midday Pick 32-1-5FB: 8
12/06/2022Midday Pick 48-9-0-9FB: 3
12/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-15-25-26-42 
12/05/2022Evening Pick 38-8-3FB: 7
12/05/2022Evening Pick 43-7-4-3FB: 5
12/05/2022Lotto11-34-36-39-43-44ES: 14
12/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-06-17-19-42 
12/05/2022Midday Pick 38-9-1FB: 2
12/05/2022Midday Pick 49-2-2-0FB: 9
12/05/2022Powerball35-45-47-54-55[14]PP: X2
12/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-05-31-32-36 
12/04/2022Evening Pick 38-8-9FB: 3
12/04/2022Evening Pick 44-2-3-3FB: 7
12/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-23-27-37-38 
12/04/2022Midday Pick 36-2-3FB: 6
12/04/2022Midday Pick 45-1-2-6FB: 6
12/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto26-27-31-32-39 
12/03/2022Evening Pick 37-4-0FB: 4
12/03/2022Evening Pick 49-1-2-2FB: 3
12/03/2022Lotto13-16-22-27-33-36ES: 13
12/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-27-32-37-43 
12/03/2022Midday Pick 35-0-3FB: 3
12/03/2022Midday Pick 44-5-2-3FB: 6
12/03/2022Powerball06-13-33-36-37[07]PP: X4
12/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-08-23-29-33 
12/02/2022Evening Pick 35-5-1FB: 9
12/02/2022Evening Pick 45-0-6-1FB: 9
12/02/2022Mega Millions01-21-36-46-52[16]MP: X3
12/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-19-25-34-43 
12/02/2022Midday Pick 32-7-4FB: 7
12/02/2022Midday Pick 45-2-1-7FB: 3
12/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto21-25-28-36-42 
12/01/2022Evening Pick 35-5-2FB: 4
12/01/2022Evening Pick 43-3-4-2FB: 4
12/01/2022Lotto07-10-24-27-46-48ES: 18
12/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-27-28-33-35 
12/01/2022Midday Pick 34-7-6FB: 3
12/01/2022Midday Pick 46-1-9-5FB: 9
11/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-10-13-36-37 
11/30/2022Evening Pick 37-0-9FB: 9
11/30/2022Evening Pick 47-1-1-0FB: 1
11/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-15-22-31-43 
11/30/2022Midday Pick 37-5-2FB: 3
11/30/2022Midday Pick 41-6-9-4FB: 4
11/30/2022Powerball04-19-24-47-66[10]PP: X2
11/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-29-33-38-39 
11/29/2022Evening Pick 32-9-6FB: 8
11/29/2022Evening Pick 47-6-7-1FB: 1
11/29/2022Mega Millions20-23-37-46-52[06]MP: X4
11/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-11-14-16-24 
11/29/2022Midday Pick 37-1-9FB: 8
11/29/2022Midday Pick 48-3-1-4FB: 4
11/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-05-26-33-38 
11/28/2022Evening Pick 36-7-3FB: 8
11/28/2022Evening Pick 45-2-4-9FB: 7
11/28/2022Lotto04-18-21-32-34-45ES: 25
11/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-18-26-32-38 
11/28/2022Midday Pick 32-0-4FB: 0
11/28/2022Midday Pick 48-9-1-6FB: 3
11/28/2022Powerball29-30-32-48-50[20]PP: X2
11/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-19-20-27-45 
11/27/2022Evening Pick 36-0-8FB: 6
11/27/2022Evening Pick 49-8-7-2FB: 7
11/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-21-24-32-39 
11/27/2022Midday Pick 30-8-2FB: 2
11/27/2022Midday Pick 43-5-5-1FB: 5
11/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-14-20-22-39 
11/26/2022Evening Pick 37-9-7FB: 7
11/26/2022Evening Pick 49-4-8-5FB: 2
11/26/2022Lotto02-04-12-33-41-45ES: 13
11/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-13-19-44-45 
11/26/2022Midday Pick 36-8-0FB: 1
11/26/2022Midday Pick 42-8-4-5FB: 6
11/26/2022Powerball15-30-47-50-51[03]PP: X10
11/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-12-15-20-23 
11/25/2022Evening Pick 33-3-5FB: 2
11/25/2022Evening Pick 41-2-0-0FB: 0
11/25/2022Mega Millions29-31-46-54-67[18]MP: X2
11/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-22-24-33-42 
11/25/2022Midday Pick 39-5-0FB: 9
11/25/2022Midday Pick 44-0-4-2FB: 2
11/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-31-34-36-43 
11/24/2022Evening Pick 30-1-1FB: 2
11/24/2022Evening Pick 45-6-1-1FB: 9
11/24/2022Lotto01-29-37-46-47-48ES: 11
11/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-07-11-26-36 
11/24/2022Midday Pick 35-9-4FB: 1
11/24/2022Midday Pick 42-9-3-0FB: 3
11/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-26-33-36-41 
11/23/2022Evening Pick 35-6-3FB: 6
11/23/2022Evening Pick 47-8-7-1FB: 1
11/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-19-20-39-41 
11/23/2022Midday Pick 38-1-6FB: 3
11/23/2022Midday Pick 48-7-4-4FB: 3
11/23/2022Powerball01-02-31-39-66[25]PP: X2
11/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-20-24-40-44 
11/22/2022Evening Pick 39-9-7FB: 8
11/22/2022Evening Pick 42-8-3-7FB: 5
11/22/2022Mega Millions13-23-24-25-43[02]MP: X3
11/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-07-14-16-37 
11/22/2022Midday Pick 39-1-8FB: 8
11/22/2022Midday Pick 46-0-2-3FB: 9
11/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-16-17-43-44 
11/21/2022Evening Pick 30-5-9FB: 7
11/21/2022Evening Pick 46-4-4-5FB: 0
11/21/2022Lotto02-12-21-28-36-43ES: 04
11/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-12-24-28-32 
11/21/2022Midday Pick 35-1-1FB: 9
11/21/2022Midday Pick 42-1-6-8FB: 0
11/21/2022Powerball01-06-40-51-67[02]PP: X2
11/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-12-16-33-44 
11/20/2022Evening Pick 30-4-9FB: 4
11/20/2022Evening Pick 45-4-5-3FB: 6
11/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-03-25-37-45 
11/20/2022Midday Pick 38-9-2FB: 2
11/20/2022Midday Pick 40-3-2-4FB: 2
11/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-19-27-28-37 
11/19/2022Evening Pick 31-9-2FB: 1
11/19/2022Evening Pick 47-3-9-1FB: 0
11/19/2022Lotto02-10-15-17-21-33ES: 23
11/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-14-21-27-42 
11/19/2022Midday Pick 38-1-1FB: 4
11/19/2022Midday Pick 45-8-1-0FB: 9
11/19/2022Powerball07-28-62-63-64[10]PP: X3
11/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-05-15-28-29 
11/18/2022Evening Pick 36-8-9FB: 6
11/18/2022Evening Pick 47-8-2-1FB: 8
11/18/2022Mega Millions02-14-16-38-66[09]MP: X4
11/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-10-33-42-43 
11/18/2022Midday Pick 39-3-3FB: 6
11/18/2022Midday Pick 47-3-2-4FB: 1
11/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-21-23-30-40 
11/17/2022Evening Pick 33-6-3FB: 3
11/17/2022Evening Pick 45-1-6-2FB: 1
11/17/2022Lotto02-06-09-12-43-50ES: 14
11/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-12-20-33-41 
11/17/2022Midday Pick 30-0-4FB: 0
11/17/2022Midday Pick 42-4-3-8FB: 1
11/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto20-25-26-34-41 
11/16/2022Evening Pick 35-9-5FB: 1
11/16/2022Evening Pick 49-3-6-2FB: 0
11/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-04-34-37-44 
11/16/2022Midday Pick 30-9-6FB: 6
11/16/2022Midday Pick 44-8-0-0FB: 8
11/16/2022Powerball28-34-51-53-56[11]PP: X2
11/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-15-38-39-44 
11/15/2022Evening Pick 34-5-3FB: 5
11/15/2022Evening Pick 41-7-1-3FB: 3
11/15/2022Mega Millions06-19-28-46-61[18]MP: X2
11/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-14-23-32-36 
11/15/2022Midday Pick 30-4-3FB: 7
11/15/2022Midday Pick 45-6-1-9FB: 3
11/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-06-30-40-41 
11/14/2022Evening Pick 35-0-2FB: 3
11/14/2022Evening Pick 49-6-1-3FB: 6
11/14/2022Lotto02-03-06-07-25-47ES: 09
11/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-16-21-23-41 
11/14/2022Midday Pick 30-1-3FB: 7
11/14/2022Midday Pick 43-3-6-8FB: 6
11/14/2022Powerball19-35-53-54-67[21]PP: X2
11/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-16-29-37-45 
11/13/2022Evening Pick 32-4-2FB: 8
11/13/2022Evening Pick 48-1-3-8FB: 7
11/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-14-16-23-37 
11/13/2022Midday Pick 34-5-1FB: 9
11/13/2022Midday Pick 41-7-4-8FB: 0
11/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-18-21-23-40 
11/12/2022Evening Pick 30-9-8FB: 5
11/12/2022Evening Pick 45-1-7-5FB: 3
11/12/2022Lotto03-18-22-32-36-42ES: 25
11/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-13-16-25-28 
11/12/2022Midday Pick 33-1-6FB: 5
11/12/2022Midday Pick 49-8-3-6FB: 7
11/12/2022Powerball16-20-44-57-58[06]PP: X4
11/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-14-19-23-44 
11/11/2022Evening Pick 36-8-7FB: 7
11/11/2022Evening Pick 44-9-8-7FB: 5
11/11/2022Mega Millions01-05-17-37-70[22]MP: X3
11/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-08-24-37-40 
11/11/2022Midday Pick 31-5-4FB: 7
11/11/2022Midday Pick 46-3-0-1FB: 5
11/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-17-32-35-39 
11/10/2022Evening Pick 39-5-3FB: 0
11/10/2022Evening Pick 49-2-2-1FB: 3
11/10/2022Lotto13-15-17-30-38-40ES: 17
11/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-10-12-13-41 
11/10/2022Midday Pick 33-8-9FB: 6
11/10/2022Midday Pick 40-3-0-3FB: 8
11/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-33-36-39-40 
11/09/2022Evening Pick 36-3-2FB: 5
11/09/2022Evening Pick 47-9-6-5FB: 5
11/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-13-17-19-28 
11/09/2022Midday Pick 35-7-5FB: 5
11/09/2022Midday Pick 47-2-5-2FB: 7
11/09/2022Powerball07-14-24-30-56[07]PP: X2
11/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-17-25-29-41 
11/08/2022Evening Pick 30-0-8FB: 1
11/08/2022Evening Pick 48-8-8-8FB: 0
11/08/2022Mega Millions05-13-29-38-59[23]MP: X4
11/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-07-08-21-43 
11/08/2022Midday Pick 38-5-0FB: 8
11/08/2022Midday Pick 42-0-6-8FB: 0
11/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-12-23-30-34 
11/07/2022Evening Pick 37-5-2FB: 5
11/07/2022Evening Pick 42-9-3-2FB: 4
11/07/2022Lotto08-14-28-38-47-48ES: 21
11/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-23-28-34-37 
11/07/2022Midday Pick 38-8-3FB: 5
11/07/2022Midday Pick 40-4-4-1FB: 5
11/07/2022Powerball10-33-41-47-56[10]PP: X2
11/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-19-22-28-39 
11/06/2022Evening Pick 39-6-0FB: 1
11/06/2022Evening Pick 41-3-2-2FB: 1
11/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-09-30-35-42 
11/06/2022Midday Pick 33-9-8FB: 1
11/06/2022Midday Pick 49-2-1-8FB: 7
11/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-19-30-32-42 
11/05/2022Evening Pick 35-6-9FB: 0
11/05/2022Evening Pick 41-5-6-8FB: 3
11/05/2022Lotto07-14-16-23-25-28ES: 15
11/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-16-18-26-27 
11/05/2022Midday Pick 38-6-9FB: 6
11/05/2022Midday Pick 45-1-5-4FB: 5
11/05/2022Powerball28-45-53-56-69[20]PP: X3
11/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-19-31-34-39 
11/04/2022Evening Pick 36-3-5FB: 1
11/04/2022Evening Pick 47-9-1-8FB: 5
11/04/2022Mega Millions02-20-47-55-59[19]MP: X2
11/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-14-17-21-42 
11/04/2022Midday Pick 30-9-1FB: 9
11/04/2022Midday Pick 48-0-7-4FB: 0
11/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-24-27-32-33 
11/03/2022Evening Pick 37-2-2FB: 5
11/03/2022Evening Pick 49-0-9-3FB: 9
11/03/2022Lotto01-02-04-07-08-19ES: 15
11/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-10-19-27-38 
11/03/2022Midday Pick 34-2-6FB: 2
11/03/2022Midday Pick 44-5-5-8FB: 5
11/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-07-20-22-36 
11/02/2022Evening Pick 38-6-6FB: 6
11/02/2022Evening Pick 40-9-6-0FB: 3
11/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-12-17-32-38 
11/02/2022Midday Pick 36-3-8FB: 8
11/02/2022Midday Pick 49-7-2-0FB: 6
11/02/2022Powerball02-11-22-35-60[23]PP: X2
11/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-11-17-22-37 
11/01/2022Evening Pick 36-4-5FB: 0
11/01/2022Evening Pick 40-4-4-0FB: 1
11/01/2022Mega Millions05-09-15-16-17[25]MP: X3
11/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-12-25-35-44 
11/01/2022Midday Pick 38-8-3FB: 5
11/01/2022Midday Pick 42-3-7-8FB: 8
10/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-15-23-31-40 
10/31/2022Evening Pick 34-3-3FB: 7
10/31/2022Evening Pick 42-8-4-4FB: 0
10/31/2022Lotto06-20-24-28-43-44ES: 17
10/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-18-27-28-45 
10/31/2022Midday Pick 38-4-4FB: 4
10/31/2022Midday Pick 43-4-9-3FB: 9
10/31/2022Powerball13-19-36-39-59[13]PP: X3
10/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto25-27-28-34-43 
10/30/2022Evening Pick 30-7-8FB: 7
10/30/2022Evening Pick 43-7-8-3FB: 2
10/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-23-29-44-45 
10/30/2022Midday Pick 35-8-4FB: 8
10/30/2022Midday Pick 42-4-1-4FB: 1
10/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-10-14-35-42 
10/29/2022Evening Pick 38-3-0FB: 1
10/29/2022Evening Pick 48-6-0-6FB: 0
10/29/2022Lotto08-34-37-41-43-45ES: 07
10/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-11-13-20-28 
10/29/2022Midday Pick 36-1-6FB: 0
10/29/2022Midday Pick 48-5-4-3FB: 8
10/29/2022Powerball19-31-40-46-57[23]PP: X3
10/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-08-11-37-42 
10/28/2022Evening Pick 30-6-1FB: 8
10/28/2022Evening Pick 46-1-5-8FB: 3
10/28/2022Mega Millions04-18-31-53-69[07]MP: X2
10/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-08-18-26-30 
10/28/2022Midday Pick 31-8-5FB: 7
10/28/2022Midday Pick 48-2-5-8FB: 3
10/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-12-18-22-39 
10/27/2022Evening Pick 32-1-0FB: 6
10/27/2022Evening Pick 45-2-8-1FB: 7
10/27/2022Lotto16-19-29-32-34-40ES: 20
10/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-03-30-36-44 
10/27/2022Midday Pick 33-7-9FB: 8
10/27/2022Midday Pick 49-4-3-5FB: 6
10/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-17-18-26-32 
10/26/2022Evening Pick 39-2-0FB: 4
10/26/2022Evening Pick 46-4-3-7FB: 8
10/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto22-24-25-37-40 
10/26/2022Midday Pick 36-1-0FB: 5
10/26/2022Midday Pick 47-5-8-1FB: 8
10/26/2022Powerball19-36-37-46-56[24]PP: X2
10/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-11-17-36-40 
10/25/2022Evening Pick 32-5-5FB: 7
10/25/2022Evening Pick 41-1-0-2FB: 4
10/25/2022Mega Millions21-30-35-45-66[21]MP: X3
10/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-09-16-27-33 
10/25/2022Midday Pick 37-1-6FB: 7
10/25/2022Midday Pick 47-6-8-0FB: 3
10/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-20-24-34-37 
10/24/2022Evening Pick 35-8-9FB: 7
10/24/2022Evening Pick 48-8-0-5FB: 9
10/24/2022Lotto05-10-11-31-36-39ES: 02
10/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto24-28-37-38-43 
10/24/2022Midday Pick 36-8-9FB: 8
10/24/2022Midday Pick 46-8-2-5FB: 1
10/24/2022Powerball18-23-35-45-54[16]PP: X4
10/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-20-25-34-45 
10/23/2022Evening Pick 37-8-7FB: 8
10/23/2022Evening Pick 44-7-3-0FB: 8
10/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-30-37-41-45 
10/23/2022Midday Pick 35-1-7FB: 2
10/23/2022Midday Pick 43-3-4-2FB: 2
10/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-25-28-31-35 
10/22/2022Evening Pick 37-7-1FB: 7
10/22/2022Evening Pick 41-5-5-9FB: 3
10/22/2022Lotto02-08-21-32-33-48ES: 23
10/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-26-28-31-35 
10/22/2022Midday Pick 37-2-6FB: 4
10/22/2022Midday Pick 45-3-9-8FB: 6
10/22/2022Powerball19-25-48-55-60[18]PP: X2
10/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-16-19-26-41 
10/21/2022Evening Pick 38-5-8FB: 7
10/21/2022Evening Pick 49-2-6-1FB: 5
10/21/2022Mega Millions34-36-43-45-68[22]MP: X2
10/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto23-28-30-33-38 
10/21/2022Midday Pick 30-2-6FB: 9
10/21/2022Midday Pick 43-0-1-2FB: 7
10/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-20-23-27-34 
10/20/2022Evening Pick 36-1-7FB: 5
10/20/2022Evening Pick 49-1-6-1FB: 1
10/20/2022Lotto19-22-23-26-27-43ES: 08
10/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-04-06-24-45 
10/20/2022Midday Pick 37-5-5FB: 9
10/20/2022Midday Pick 43-5-1-5FB: 0
10/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-08-20-23-34 
10/19/2022Evening Pick 30-6-4FB: 1
10/19/2022Evening Pick 48-0-3-9FB: 0
10/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-20-22-32-44 
10/19/2022Midday Pick 38-4-0FB: 8
10/19/2022Midday Pick 42-4-2-8FB: 8
10/19/2022Powerball06-08-15-27-42[10]PP: X03
10/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-25-32-33-38 
10/18/2022Mega Millions01-15-20-44-67[23]MP: X03
10/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-08-35-41-42 
10/18/2022Midday Pick 34-7-2FB: 6
10/18/2022Midday Pick 44-1-6-6FB: 4
10/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-15-21-35-40 
10/17/2022Evening Pick 41-6-0-8FB: 9
10/17/2022Lotto14-15-20-26-36-47ES: 08
10/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-07-24-28-34 
10/17/2022Midday Pick 32-8-5FB: 7
10/17/2022Midday Pick 45-7-2-5FB: 7
10/17/2022Powerball19-30-36-46-60[25]PP: X03
10/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-31-35-38-45 
10/16/2022Evening Pick 44-1-9-4FB: 1
10/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-16-36-37-42 
10/16/2022Midday Pick 31-8-5FB: 9
10/16/2022Midday Pick 40-4-6-2FB: 3
10/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-07-11-17-27 
10/15/2022Evening Pick 36-7-8FB: 2
10/15/2022Evening Pick 45-3-4-3FB: 9
10/15/2022Lotto08-12-14-22-27-36ES: 11
10/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto21-26-36-40-45 
10/15/2022Midday Pick 37-3-3FB: 2
10/15/2022Midday Pick 49-2-3-9FB: 8
10/15/2022Powerball32-37-40-58-62[15]PP: X5
10/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-10-15-19-32 
10/14/2022Evening Pick 34-8-3FB: 5
10/14/2022Evening Pick 45-1-9-4FB: 9
10/14/2022Mega Millions09-22-26-41-44[19]MP: X2
10/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-27-30-37-39 
10/14/2022Midday Pick 34-9-0FB: 6
10/14/2022Midday Pick 47-5-5-2FB: 7
10/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-05-08-31-37 
10/13/2022Evening Pick 38-8-2FB: 4
10/13/2022Evening Pick 40-1-1-0FB: 4
10/13/2022Lotto18-32-35-40-45-49ES: 02
10/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-13-25-28-30 
10/13/2022Midday Pick 38-5-9FB: 8
10/13/2022Midday Pick 41-5-0-2FB: 1
10/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-10-28-37-43 
10/12/2022Evening Pick 31-8-4FB: 4
10/12/2022Evening Pick 49-4-3-3FB: 9
10/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-06-15-25-38 
10/12/2022Midday Pick 32-2-1FB: 3
10/12/2022Midday Pick 44-6-0-0FB: 9
10/12/2022Powerball14-30-41-42-59[06]PP: X5
10/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-19-32-39-43 
10/11/2022Evening Pick 38-4-1FB: 1
10/11/2022Evening Pick 40-9-5-0FB: 3
10/11/2022Mega Millions03-07-11-13-38[01]MP: X3
10/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-09-13-16-38 
10/11/2022Midday Pick 30-2-6FB: 8
10/11/2022Midday Pick 49-7-5-4FB: 4
10/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-30-33-34-44 
10/10/2022Evening Pick 34-8-7FB: 0
10/10/2022Evening Pick 40-9-8-2FB: 3
10/10/2022Lotto01-12-28-44-47-48ES: 17
10/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-13-27-36-40 
10/10/2022Midday Pick 30-5-0FB: 2
10/10/2022Midday Pick 42-5-5-5FB: 0
10/10/2022Powerball03-06-11-17-22[11]PP: X2
10/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-18-30-34-45 
10/09/2022Evening Pick 34-5-5FB: 2
10/09/2022Evening Pick 40-8-8-7FB: 0
10/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-13-15-30-31 
10/09/2022Midday Pick 30-5-9FB: 5
10/09/2022Midday Pick 40-4-6-3FB: 9
10/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-07-25-26-33 
10/08/2022Evening Pick 33-6-8FB: 0
10/08/2022Evening Pick 47-0-6-9FB: 6
10/08/2022Lotto02-04-17-24-37-42ES: 03
10/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-11-18-36-44 
10/08/2022Midday Pick 31-0-5FB: 1
10/08/2022Midday Pick 44-5-6-0FB: 1
10/08/2022Powerball13-43-53-60-68[05]PP: X2
10/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-22-24-27-29 
10/07/2022Evening Pick 32-4-4FB: 5
10/07/2022Evening Pick 45-4-0-3FB: 5
10/07/2022Mega Millions06-11-29-36-55[21]MP: X2
10/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-06-24-26-34 
10/07/2022Midday Pick 30-3-4FB: 8
10/07/2022Midday Pick 48-1-5-2FB: 1
10/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-05-29-30-38 
10/06/2022Evening Pick 31-3-7FB: 0
10/06/2022Evening Pick 44-5-4-1FB: 5
10/06/2022Lotto05-27-31-37-43-47ES: 14
10/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-10-22-26-28 
10/06/2022Midday Pick 35-2-6FB: 1
10/06/2022Midday Pick 43-9-7-8FB: 3
10/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-08-22-24-33 
10/05/2022Evening Pick 38-0-5FB: 2
10/05/2022Evening Pick 42-5-1-3FB: 6
10/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-15-16-36-39 
10/05/2022Midday Pick 38-8-9FB: 8
10/05/2022Midday Pick 45-1-8-3FB: 1
10/05/2022Powerball26-30-33-37-62[06]PP: X2
10/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-08-38-40-44 
10/04/2022Evening Pick 31-2-6FB: 0
10/04/2022Evening Pick 42-1-6-1FB: 4
10/04/2022Mega Millions15-18-25-33-38[25]MP: X2
10/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-05-13-16-25 
10/04/2022Midday Pick 31-9-1FB: 4
10/04/2022Midday Pick 48-8-4-4FB: 8
10/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-23-38-39-42 
10/03/2022Evening Pick 32-1-2FB: 3
10/03/2022Evening Pick 43-6-4-0FB: 4
10/03/2022Lotto09-21-26-32-36-46ES: 25
10/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-13-15-37-41 
10/03/2022Midday Pick 30-7-9FB: 5
10/03/2022Midday Pick 43-3-9-6FB: 9
10/03/2022Powerball02-16-22-55-63[22]PP: X4
10/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-13-19-20-24 
10/02/2022Evening Pick 34-8-3FB: 8
10/02/2022Evening Pick 46-9-2-3FB: 0
10/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-12-24-41-42 
10/02/2022Midday Pick 32-3-1FB: 3
10/02/2022Midday Pick 46-0-2-2FB: 4
10/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-15-20-25-38 
10/01/2022Evening Pick 34-3-9FB: 8
10/01/2022Evening Pick 41-2-2-3FB: 8
10/01/2022Lotto13-14-22-35-40-46ES: 17
10/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-20-23-33-41 
10/01/2022Midday Pick 37-0-9FB: 6
10/01/2022Midday Pick 45-7-7-6FB: 3
10/01/2022Powerball08-21-22-65-69[26]PP: X2
09/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-24-26-29-43 
09/30/2022Evening Pick 36-7-8FB: 3
09/30/2022Evening Pick 45-1-9-0FB: 8
09/30/2022Mega Millions16-26-37-40-51[06]MP: X4
09/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-02-07-35-44 
09/30/2022Midday Pick 36-3-0FB: 2
09/30/2022Midday Pick 44-6-6-9FB: 0
09/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-12-17-25-38 
09/29/2022Evening Pick 33-2-2FB: 9
09/29/2022Evening Pick 46-0-6-2FB: 2
09/29/2022Lotto01-02-16-21-32-38ES: 18
09/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-07-27-33-43 
09/29/2022Midday Pick 34-4-7FB: 9
09/29/2022Midday Pick 49-7-3-9FB: 9
09/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-14-16-21-45 
09/28/2022Evening Pick 32-9-9FB: 6
09/28/2022Evening Pick 43-1-3-1FB: 3
09/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-12-28-39-42 
09/28/2022Midday Pick 37-1-1FB: 2
09/28/2022Midday Pick 45-0-5-4FB: 5
09/28/2022Powerball06-10-24-33-67[11]PP: X3
09/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto23-24-32-40-41 
09/27/2022Evening Pick 32-3-5FB: 4
09/27/2022Evening Pick 47-0-9-7FB: 0
09/27/2022Mega Millions08-14-24-43-51[09]MP: X3
09/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-12-28-29-34 
09/27/2022Midday Pick 36-6-8FB: 7
09/27/2022Midday Pick 49-0-5-3FB: 5
09/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-30-36-44-45 
09/26/2022Evening Pick 30-0-7FB: 5
09/26/2022Evening Pick 40-1-4-3FB: 2
09/26/2022Lotto03-09-11-22-27-42ES: 07
09/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-11-29-30-31 
09/26/2022Midday Pick 37-2-7FB: 9
09/26/2022Midday Pick 45-1-2-9FB: 8
09/26/2022Powerball13-20-31-33-59[20]PP: X3
09/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-09-12-14-23 
09/25/2022Evening Pick 35-6-9FB: 4
09/25/2022Evening Pick 45-0-3-1FB: 2
09/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-08-09-10-34 
09/25/2022Midday Pick 35-6-6FB: 8
09/25/2022Midday Pick 42-3-7-8FB: 9
09/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-06-07-20-22 
09/24/2022Evening Pick 34-3-5FB: 1
09/24/2022Evening Pick 46-5-8-2FB: 9
09/24/2022Lotto05-17-23-35-47-49ES: 18
09/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-12-14-22-30 
09/24/2022Midday Pick 37-7-6FB: 7
09/24/2022Midday Pick 40-1-1-9FB: 3
09/24/2022Powerball03-09-21-24-29[14]PP: X2
09/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-33-36-44-45 
09/23/2022Evening Pick 31-6-9FB: 1
09/23/2022Evening Pick 40-1-5-0FB: 3
09/23/2022Mega Millions05-50-53-58-64[22]MP: X4
09/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-25-27-28-31 
09/23/2022Midday Pick 36-6-8FB: 9
09/23/2022Midday Pick 41-7-7-5FB: 5
09/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto23-25-35-37-38 
09/22/2022Evening Pick 34-7-7FB: 4
09/22/2022Evening Pick 46-5-7-6FB: 5
09/22/2022Lotto04-06-21-25-38-40ES: 23
09/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-14-17-18-44 
09/22/2022Midday Pick 36-6-3FB: 7
09/22/2022Midday Pick 46-8-6-9FB: 7
09/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-12-36-41-43 
09/21/2022Evening Pick 32-0-8FB: 4
09/21/2022Evening Pick 44-8-6-7FB: 6
09/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-03-08-09-20 
09/21/2022Midday Pick 30-2-8FB: 9
09/21/2022Midday Pick 47-2-1-0FB: 3
09/21/2022Powerball06-33-34-45-54[07]PP: X2
09/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-14-18-33-41 
09/20/2022Evening Pick 35-7-5FB: 3
09/20/2022Evening Pick 46-2-2-0FB: 8
09/20/2022Mega Millions09-21-28-30-52[10]MP: X5
09/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-21-27-31-38 
09/20/2022Midday Pick 38-4-0FB: 5
09/20/2022Midday Pick 42-3-9-1FB: 6
09/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-04-25-27-40 
09/19/2022Evening Pick 32-3-0FB: 3
09/19/2022Evening Pick 42-4-3-3FB: 6
09/19/2022Lotto04-06-15-40-49-50ES: 03
09/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-24-26-29-32 
09/19/2022Midday Pick 37-1-9FB: 0
09/19/2022Midday Pick 43-2-2-0FB: 8
09/19/2022Powerball07-15-36-46-67[07]PP: X2
09/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-05-18-21-26 
09/18/2022Evening Pick 37-4-6FB: 6
09/18/2022Evening Pick 40-1-3-6FB: 5
09/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-23-24-31-44 
09/18/2022Midday Pick 33-5-1FB: 7
09/18/2022Midday Pick 49-7-8-3FB: 9
09/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-11-29-37-41 
09/17/2022Evening Pick 35-3-8FB: 6
09/17/2022Evening Pick 40-1-7-9FB: 4
09/17/2022Lotto14-15-18-38-42-46ES: 21
09/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-08-22-28-29 
09/17/2022Midday Pick 36-7-5FB: 5
09/17/2022Midday Pick 41-2-4-4FB: 6
09/17/2022Powerball05-25-36-51-61[01]PP: X3
09/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-10-14-24-44 
09/16/2022Evening Pick 33-7-1FB: 2
09/16/2022Evening Pick 45-7-5-6FB: 9
09/16/2022Mega Millions15-30-35-38-66[12]MP: X4
09/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-20-21-23-26 
09/16/2022Midday Pick 37-3-7FB: 2
09/16/2022Midday Pick 46-8-7-4FB: 7
09/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-14-18-29-43 
09/15/2022Evening Pick 36-6-9FB: 7
09/15/2022Evening Pick 45-8-6-5FB: 7
09/15/2022Lotto02-10-17-25-27-49ES: 16
09/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-24-25-39-44 
09/15/2022Midday Pick 33-8-2FB: 6
09/15/2022Midday Pick 44-6-9-5FB: 1
09/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-13-35-39-42 
09/14/2022Evening Pick 33-9-8FB: 2
09/14/2022Evening Pick 49-4-7-1FB: 7
09/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-05-26-28-43 
09/14/2022Midday Pick 39-1-4FB: 4
09/14/2022Midday Pick 45-7-4-3FB: 4
09/14/2022Powerball09-10-20-22-52[25]PP: X3
09/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-17-29-36-45 
09/13/2022Evening Pick 31-8-9FB: 4
09/13/2022Evening Pick 40-7-8-4FB: 0
09/13/2022Mega Millions14-25-38-59-64[21]MP: X4
09/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-08-19-35-38 
09/13/2022Midday Pick 37-9-0FB: 8
09/13/2022Midday Pick 49-4-9-1FB: 2
09/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-16-21-25-36 
09/12/2022Evening Pick 30-3-8FB: 7
09/12/2022Evening Pick 43-0-5-6FB: 9
09/12/2022Lotto12-19-27-30-34-47ES: 10
09/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-13-23-31-35 
09/12/2022Midday Pick 38-1-0FB: 3
09/12/2022Midday Pick 47-1-9-0FB: 6
09/12/2022Powerball06-14-16-34-66[25]PP: X3
09/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-14-17-25-29 
09/11/2022Evening Pick 39-4-9FB: 7
09/11/2022Evening Pick 48-7-3-1FB: 3
09/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-04-26-27-34 
09/11/2022Midday Pick 38-7-4FB: 1
09/11/2022Midday Pick 46-5-0-7FB: 4
09/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-19-31-32-42 
09/10/2022Evening Pick 30-4-5FB: 1
09/10/2022Evening Pick 42-2-2-5FB: 7
09/10/2022Lotto16-21-28-37-39-44ES: 07
09/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-11-15-34-44 
09/10/2022Midday Pick 39-2-0FB: 3
09/10/2022Midday Pick 46-6-2-2FB: 7
09/10/2022Powerball38-42-56-68-69[04]PP: X2
09/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-14-19-29-38 
09/09/2022Evening Pick 35-4-9FB: 3
09/09/2022Evening Pick 44-4-1-7FB: 0
09/09/2022Mega Millions16-21-54-55-69[22]MP: X2
09/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-23-25-28-40 
09/09/2022Midday Pick 37-7-9FB: 7
09/09/2022Midday Pick 43-1-6-4FB: 7
09/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-04-35-37-38 
09/08/2022Evening Pick 37-7-8FB: 2
09/08/2022Evening Pick 48-8-4-2FB: 2
09/08/2022Lotto06-09-11-19-37-47ES: 06
09/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-15-18-25-27 
09/08/2022Midday Pick 38-6-6FB: 3
09/08/2022Midday Pick 42-0-7-6FB: 4
09/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-19-20-24-36 
09/07/2022Evening Pick 30-2-4FB: 5
09/07/2022Evening Pick 41-0-5-9FB: 1
09/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-28-34-39-42 
09/07/2022Midday Pick 37-2-5FB: 5
09/07/2022Midday Pick 48-5-6-4FB: 2
09/07/2022Powerball03-16-30-33-36[20]PP: X3
09/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-16-28-32-39 
09/06/2022Evening Pick 39-6-7FB: 6
09/06/2022Evening Pick 46-4-2-9FB: 0
09/06/2022Mega Millions06-17-46-59-68[02]MP: X4
09/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-13-20-30-39 
09/06/2022Midday Pick 35-3-3FB: 2
09/06/2022Midday Pick 41-6-0-9FB: 4
09/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-12-29-36-43 
09/05/2022Evening Pick 32-5-9FB: 3
09/05/2022Evening Pick 45-0-3-3FB: 5
09/05/2022Lotto32-33-36-40-43-47ES: 22
09/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-21-28-29-32 
09/05/2022Midday Pick 34-7-5FB: 8
09/05/2022Midday Pick 48-9-4-8FB: 6
09/05/2022Powerball04-07-32-55-64[25]PP: X2
09/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-18-26-28-44 
09/04/2022Evening Pick 32-6-1FB: 2
09/04/2022Evening Pick 45-4-8-3FB: 4
09/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-20-22-31-38 
09/04/2022Midday Pick 38-1-5FB: 7
09/04/2022Midday Pick 43-9-2-6FB: 5
09/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto26-29-34-35-40 
09/03/2022Evening Pick 36-4-4FB: 0
09/03/2022Evening Pick 47-2-8-8FB: 3
09/03/2022Lotto09-17-23-26-28-39ES: 24
09/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-11-14-33-34 
09/03/2022Midday Pick 30-3-6FB: 8
09/03/2022Midday Pick 44-3-6-0FB: 5
09/03/2022Powerball18-27-49-65-69[09]PP: X2
09/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-18-19-33-38 
09/02/2022Evening Pick 32-5-3FB: 8
09/02/2022Evening Pick 49-3-0-4FB: 6
09/02/2022Mega Millions39-40-52-60-67[20]MP: X2
09/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-25-29-32-36 
09/02/2022Midday Pick 34-0-2FB: 2
09/02/2022Midday Pick 44-1-0-3FB: 7
09/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-11-14-15-41 
09/01/2022Evening Pick 36-0-2FB: 4
09/01/2022Evening Pick 47-1-0-9FB: 5
09/01/2022Lotto05-07-15-26-27-37ES: 19
09/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-13-14-17-30 
09/01/2022Midday Pick 37-8-3FB: 8
09/01/2022Midday Pick 46-8-7-8FB: 7
08/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-17-26-27-39 
08/31/2022Evening Pick 33-3-1FB: 2
08/31/2022Evening Pick 48-0-7-9FB: 0
08/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-16-22-33-35 
08/31/2022Midday Pick 38-1-7FB: 6
08/31/2022Midday Pick 41-5-5-5FB: 6
08/31/2022Powerball07-08-19-24-28[01]PP: X2
08/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-09-24-37-38 
08/30/2022Evening Pick 31-9-1FB: 6
08/30/2022Evening Pick 47-6-2-9FB: 4
08/30/2022Mega Millions02-38-55-57-65[17]MP: X3
08/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-16-27-32-36 
08/30/2022Midday Pick 33-6-0FB: 1
08/30/2022Midday Pick 45-3-1-6FB: 7
08/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-21-35-44-45 
08/29/2022Evening Pick 34-1-4FB: 7
08/29/2022Evening Pick 46-0-0-7FB: 1
08/29/2022Lotto23-25-35-38-46-50ES: 14
08/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-06-18-25-33 
08/29/2022Midday Pick 37-6-3FB: 8
08/29/2022Midday Pick 41-2-6-4FB: 7
08/29/2022Powerball13-36-43-61-69[18]PP: X3
08/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-02-10-15-20 
08/28/2022Evening Pick 35-4-3FB: 3
08/28/2022Evening Pick 43-2-7-6FB: 2
08/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-11-18-32-38 
08/28/2022Midday Pick 36-3-4FB: 2
08/28/2022Midday Pick 44-5-2-6FB: 5
08/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-14-17-28-44 
08/27/2022Evening Pick 31-9-3FB: 4
08/27/2022Evening Pick 43-7-2-5FB: 3
08/27/2022Lotto13-19-28-29-38-43ES: 09
08/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-02-15-22-31 
08/27/2022Midday Pick 33-8-9FB: 4
08/27/2022Midday Pick 46-2-5-7FB: 3
08/27/2022Powerball02-18-56-60-65[14]PP: X3
08/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-09-27-30-42 
08/26/2022Evening Pick 31-3-7FB: 5
08/26/2022Evening Pick 46-1-0-2FB: 4
08/26/2022Mega Millions06-27-30-38-64[23]MP: X2
08/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-22-28-29-44 
08/26/2022Midday Pick 37-2-2FB: 3
08/26/2022Midday Pick 47-1-0-1FB: 3
08/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-11-26-41-42 
08/25/2022Evening Pick 33-3-8FB: 7
08/25/2022Evening Pick 47-8-7-2FB: 4
08/25/2022Lotto06-11-32-38-42-47ES: 15
08/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-15-39-40-42 
08/25/2022Midday Pick 30-6-4FB: 3
08/25/2022Midday Pick 44-2-3-4FB: 1
08/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto18-27-28-33-40 
08/24/2022Evening Pick 35-8-9FB: 7
08/24/2022Evening Pick 40-3-5-9FB: 2
08/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-17-26-36-44 
08/24/2022Midday Pick 35-5-2FB: 2
08/24/2022Midday Pick 41-1-4-7FB: 2
08/24/2022Powerball06-24-35-37-44[22]PP: X4
08/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-24-27-40-43 
08/23/2022Evening Pick 39-1-4FB: 3
08/23/2022Evening Pick 47-9-6-9FB: 0
08/23/2022Mega Millions03-05-47-48-67[07]MP: X2
08/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-11-24-29-34 
08/23/2022Midday Pick 32-0-0FB: 9
08/23/2022Midday Pick 42-3-2-6FB: 1
08/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-20-31-37-41 
08/22/2022Evening Pick 32-1-2FB: 3
08/22/2022Evening Pick 46-4-6-9FB: 2
08/22/2022Lotto07-15-16-27-35-39ES: 25
08/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-12-16-29-41 
08/22/2022Midday Pick 39-2-4FB: 3
08/22/2022Midday Pick 49-1-7-0FB: 3
08/22/2022Powerball12-27-34-55-67[09]PP: X2
08/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-10-11-36-41 
08/21/2022Evening Pick 30-0-8FB: 0
08/21/2022Evening Pick 42-8-1-6FB: 5
08/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-05-06-26-33 
08/21/2022Midday Pick 35-4-5FB: 3
08/21/2022Midday Pick 41-3-5-8FB: 5
08/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-10-13-17-19 
08/20/2022Evening Pick 33-5-9FB: 2
08/20/2022Evening Pick 43-3-2-5FB: 8
08/20/2022Lotto08-15-16-27-39-40ES: 05
08/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-21-31-40-42 
08/20/2022Midday Pick 30-5-1FB: 0
08/20/2022Midday Pick 44-8-7-8FB: 3
08/20/2022Powerball05-09-11-16-66[07]PP: X2
08/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-10-12-14-42 
08/19/2022Evening Pick 35-0-9FB: 4
08/19/2022Evening Pick 48-2-4-2FB: 8
08/19/2022Mega Millions12-18-24-46-65[03]MP: X4
08/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-09-10-22-38 
08/19/2022Midday Pick 37-4-0FB: 8
08/19/2022Midday Pick 45-7-9-3FB: 3
08/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-08-26-34-37 
08/18/2022Evening Pick 34-9-0FB: 5
08/18/2022Evening Pick 46-6-2-6FB: 7
08/18/2022Lotto07-10-16-20-25-50ES: 09
08/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-19-29-34-36 
08/18/2022Midday Pick 35-7-3FB: 2
08/18/2022Midday Pick 43-2-1-1FB: 7
08/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-11-18-25-28 
08/17/2022Evening Pick 31-4-1FB: 9
08/17/2022Evening Pick 49-8-2-8FB: 1
08/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-15-30-37-43 
08/17/2022Midday Pick 39-0-1FB: 2
08/17/2022Midday Pick 49-3-2-9FB: 5
08/17/2022Powerball23-28-41-50-55[24]PP: X2
08/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-19-31-40-42 
08/16/2022Evening Pick 33-2-0FB: 3
08/16/2022Evening Pick 44-1-0-5FB: 1
08/16/2022Mega Millions33-35-41-45-51[01]MP: X2
08/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-21-24-25-35 
08/16/2022Midday Pick 39-4-3FB: 8
08/16/2022Midday Pick 44-7-2-3FB: 0
08/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-19-30-33-45 
08/15/2022Evening Pick 37-0-7FB: 9
08/15/2022Evening Pick 45-3-1-0FB: 5
08/15/2022Lotto12-21-22-31-39-50ES: 06
08/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-05-23-27-38 
08/15/2022Midday Pick 35-5-7FB: 2
08/15/2022Midday Pick 49-3-5-8FB: 0
08/15/2022Powerball20-24-47-50-63[05]PP: X2
08/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-15-42-44-45 
08/14/2022Evening Pick 39-8-5FB: 0
08/14/2022Evening Pick 45-0-1-4FB: 7
08/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-04-16-27-42 
08/14/2022Midday Pick 39-4-3FB: 9
08/14/2022Midday Pick 40-9-9-7FB: 7
08/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-13-18-20-35 
08/13/2022Evening Pick 33-5-3FB: 6
08/13/2022Evening Pick 43-8-0-7FB: 3
08/13/2022Lotto22-23-33-35-38-44ES: 19
08/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-23-28-38-40 
08/13/2022Midday Pick 39-8-5FB: 9
08/13/2022Midday Pick 44-3-9-7FB: 5
08/13/2022Powerball19-24-35-43-62[02]PP: X10
08/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-06-08-16-32 
08/12/2022Evening Pick 37-0-7FB: 3
08/12/2022Evening Pick 49-5-4-5FB: 4
08/12/2022Mega Millions23-24-50-54-64[03]MP: X3
08/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-13-15-24-26 
08/12/2022Midday Pick 32-8-3FB: 3
08/12/2022Midday Pick 40-5-3-0FB: 0
08/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-15-26-29-31 
08/11/2022Evening Pick 36-5-5FB: 2
08/11/2022Evening Pick 40-6-2-2FB: 1
08/11/2022Lotto02-10-12-13-14-30ES: 03
08/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-13-16-23-34 
08/11/2022Midday Pick 37-8-5FB: 1
08/11/2022Midday Pick 46-9-0-5FB: 7
08/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto24-25-29-36-39 
08/10/2022Evening Pick 35-7-6FB: 8
08/10/2022Evening Pick 42-9-7-4FB: 2
08/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-07-11-20-38 
08/10/2022Midday Pick 31-0-0FB: 6
08/10/2022Midday Pick 44-7-5-7FB: 4
08/10/2022Powerball29-44-59-61-68[19]PP: X2
08/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-15-16-27-44 
08/09/2022Evening Pick 30-4-7FB: 8
08/09/2022Evening Pick 48-7-4-9FB: 1
08/09/2022Mega Millions01-08-10-25-32[13]MP: X3
08/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-06-14-25-33 
08/09/2022Midday Pick 36-5-8FB: 9
08/09/2022Midday Pick 41-5-5-3FB: 6
08/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-12-15-37-42 
08/08/2022Evening Pick 33-8-1FB: 9
08/08/2022Evening Pick 41-2-7-3FB: 2
08/08/2022Lotto02-12-25-28-45-50ES: 01
08/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto19-29-36-39-41 
08/08/2022Midday Pick 36-2-2FB: 8
08/08/2022Midday Pick 46-4-2-0FB: 1
08/08/2022Powerball32-45-51-57-58[12]PP: X2
08/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-18-23-26-35 
08/07/2022Evening Pick 31-3-0FB: 9
08/07/2022Evening Pick 46-4-6-4FB: 9
08/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-08-20-28-39 
08/07/2022Midday Pick 36-0-0FB: 0
08/07/2022Midday Pick 48-3-2-1FB: 1
08/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-04-05-23-30 
08/06/2022Evening Pick 35-9-6FB: 7
08/06/2022Evening Pick 48-3-6-3FB: 8
08/06/2022Lotto01-14-30-43-48-50ES: 23
08/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-19-22-33-43 
08/06/2022Midday Pick 34-4-0FB: 5
08/06/2022Midday Pick 49-7-2-1FB: 6
08/06/2022Powerball08-15-46-56-68[03]PP: X2
08/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-13-14-25-32 
08/05/2022Evening Pick 31-0-2FB: 9
08/05/2022Evening Pick 46-9-4-5FB: 8
08/05/2022Mega Millions02-05-29-64-69[18]MP: X3
08/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-15-32-36-42 
08/05/2022Midday Pick 34-5-7FB: 7
08/05/2022Midday Pick 49-9-4-9FB: 2
08/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-04-12-17-33 
08/04/2022Evening Pick 30-8-8FB: 4
08/04/2022Evening Pick 43-9-4-0FB: 3
08/04/2022Lotto08-18-30-34-37-46ES: 03
08/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-19-23-25-33 
08/04/2022Midday Pick 30-4-9FB: 2
08/04/2022Midday Pick 41-6-9-0FB: 3
08/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-18-24-35-43 
08/03/2022Evening Pick 38-1-8FB: 7
08/03/2022Evening Pick 49-1-2-6FB: 1
08/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-10-19-29-36 
08/03/2022Midday Pick 32-7-0FB: 0
08/03/2022Midday Pick 43-5-3-9FB: 2
08/03/2022Powerball09-21-56-57-66[11]PP: X2
08/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-11-19-40-41 
08/02/2022Evening Pick 34-3-3FB: 0
08/02/2022Evening Pick 49-6-7-2FB: 3
08/02/2022Mega Millions10-14-25-37-63[14]MP: X3
08/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-21-36-40-42 
08/02/2022Midday Pick 32-0-2FB: 3
08/02/2022Midday Pick 44-9-2-6FB: 7
08/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto18-27-33-37-44 
08/01/2022Evening Pick 31-8-5FB: 3
08/01/2022Evening Pick 45-9-9-2FB: 7
08/01/2022Lotto21-28-30-31-37-48ES: 06
08/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-17-32-35-38 
08/01/2022Midday Pick 30-4-9FB: 3
08/01/2022Midday Pick 48-4-4-4FB: 2
08/01/2022Powerball15-21-31-36-65[16]PP: X3
07/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-12-27-35-39 
07/31/2022Evening Pick 30-0-6FB: 3
07/31/2022Evening Pick 40-7-4-7FB: 4
07/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-15-26-29-40 
07/31/2022Midday Pick 31-1-0FB: 8
07/31/2022Midday Pick 40-1-3-1FB: 5
07/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-14-22-24-41 
07/30/2022Evening Pick 33-0-0FB: 0
07/30/2022Evening Pick 44-1-4-8FB: 3
07/30/2022Lotto07-08-15-16-32-45ES: 03
07/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto21-25-32-42-44 
07/30/2022Midday Pick 37-3-2FB: 0
07/30/2022Midday Pick 46-0-9-7FB: 5
07/30/2022Powerball04-17-57-58-68[12]PP: X3
07/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-25-28-29-36 
07/29/2022Evening Pick 36-4-2FB: 5
07/29/2022Evening Pick 46-8-3-9FB: 2
07/29/2022Mega Millions13-36-45-57-67[14]MP: X02
07/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-14-15-30-44 
07/29/2022Midday Pick 35-1-6FB: 8
07/29/2022Midday Pick 41-6-1-8FB: 6
07/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-30-31-32-42 
07/28/2022Evening Pick 39-1-0FB: 7
07/28/2022Evening Pick 45-0-2-4FB: 0
07/28/2022Lotto01-02-15-31-39-48ES: 17
07/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-22-27-29-38 
07/28/2022Midday Pick 31-7-1FB: 9
07/28/2022Midday Pick 46-3-6-0FB: 9
07/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-26-27-29-39 
07/27/2022Evening Pick 35-9-8FB: 8
07/27/2022Evening Pick 43-4-4-2FB: 8
07/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-12-17-23-30 
07/27/2022Midday Pick 31-9-8FB: 4
07/27/2022Midday Pick 46-8-2-7FB: 7
07/27/2022Powerball01-25-44-55-57[26]PP: X2
07/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-15-18-21-23 
07/26/2022Evening Pick 39-4-1FB: 0
07/26/2022Evening Pick 43-3-1-4FB: 1
07/26/2022Mega Millions07-29-60-63-66[15]MP: X3
07/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-10-19-27-39 
07/26/2022Midday Pick 30-2-6FB: 0
07/26/2022Midday Pick 49-7-8-7FB: 5
07/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-19-22-34-41 
07/25/2022Evening Pick 32-8-6FB: 7
07/25/2022Evening Pick 46-6-9-8FB: 5
07/25/2022Lotto08-10-16-32-36-45ES: 21
07/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-17-19-30-41 
07/25/2022Midday Pick 38-2-1FB: 0
07/25/2022Midday Pick 46-4-4-2FB: 0
07/25/2022Powerball25-37-38-39-65[05]PP: X2
07/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-13-14-22-23 
07/24/2022Evening Pick 34-1-7FB: 9
07/24/2022Evening Pick 48-7-6-0FB: 2
07/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-17-28-32-42 
07/24/2022Midday Pick 33-7-4FB: 0
07/24/2022Midday Pick 49-7-8-6FB: 3
07/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-15-34-37-41 
07/23/2022Evening Pick 35-1-0FB: 8
07/23/2022Evening Pick 48-5-1-3FB: 3
07/23/2022Lotto12-16-32-35-41-49ES: 16
07/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-08-09-11-38 
07/23/2022Midday Pick 39-7-1FB: 0
07/23/2022Midday Pick 47-3-2-7FB: 1
07/23/2022Powerball39-41-54-59-62[12]PP: X3
07/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-21-23-30-43 
07/22/2022Evening Pick 33-4-7FB: 5
07/22/2022Evening Pick 43-5-3-3FB: 4
07/22/2022Mega Millions14-40-60-64-66[16]MP: X3
07/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-19-20-26-32 
07/22/2022Midday Pick 35-7-5FB: 8
07/22/2022Midday Pick 45-0-5-1FB: 5
07/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-04-13-20-28 
07/21/2022Evening Pick 36-0-7FB: 5
07/21/2022Evening Pick 46-3-1-2FB: 5
07/21/2022Lotto07-14-23-30-33-44ES: 19
07/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto19-33-43-44-45 
07/21/2022Midday Pick 33-9-4FB: 7
07/21/2022Midday Pick 44-8-0-3FB: 2
07/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto29-31-32-38-41 
07/20/2022Evening Pick 38-5-7FB: 0
07/20/2022Evening Pick 46-4-0-1FB: 9
07/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-17-18-23-28 
07/20/2022Midday Pick 37-4-6FB: 8
07/20/2022Midday Pick 45-1-3-6FB: 2
07/20/2022Powerball10-20-23-49-65[22]PP: X3
07/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto19-28-39-40-45 
07/19/2022Evening Pick 37-1-8FB: 4
07/19/2022Evening Pick 41-8-3-3FB: 6
07/19/2022Mega Millions02-31-32-37-70[25]MP: X3
07/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-17-23-41-45 
07/19/2022Midday Pick 33-1-6FB: 0
07/19/2022Midday Pick 40-1-7-2FB: 4
07/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-14-22-24-30 
07/18/2022Evening Pick 31-0-1FB: 6
07/18/2022Evening Pick 48-9-8-8FB: 9
07/18/2022Lotto09-10-13-18-25-40ES: 14
07/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-27-29-32-44 
07/18/2022Midday Pick 37-6-2FB: 1
07/18/2022Midday Pick 40-3-2-9FB: 6
07/18/2022Powerball14-34-36-50-58[05]PP: X3
07/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-26-29-42-44 
07/17/2022Evening Pick 35-6-8FB: 9
07/17/2022Evening Pick 48-8-7-3FB: 1
07/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-33-34-37-43 
07/17/2022Midday Pick 33-7-1FB: 9
07/17/2022Midday Pick 49-8-6-0FB: 8
07/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto20-23-33-36-43 
07/16/2022Evening Pick 39-3-9FB: 9
07/16/2022Evening Pick 47-4-3-8FB: 0
07/16/2022Lotto01-05-14-16-17-45ES: 19
07/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-09-20-24-41 
07/16/2022Midday Pick 39-3-0FB: 2
07/16/2022Midday Pick 46-8-4-5FB: 5
07/16/2022Powerball03-18-23-32-57[21]PP: X2
07/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-08-09-13-17 
07/15/2022Evening Pick 37-8-7FB: 9
07/15/2022Evening Pick 45-3-6-1FB: 8
07/15/2022Mega Millions08-20-26-53-64[15]MP: X5
07/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-16-30-34-44 
07/15/2022Midday Pick 32-0-8FB: 0
07/15/2022Midday Pick 41-1-3-6FB: 1
07/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto19-30-32-37-40 
07/14/2022Evening Pick 32-6-1FB: 2
07/14/2022Evening Pick 41-6-0-0FB: 9
07/14/2022Lotto04-11-24-26-42-49ES: 13
07/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-20-25-27-28 
07/14/2022Midday Pick 32-3-4FB: 6
07/14/2022Midday Pick 48-8-5-7FB: 9
07/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-08-09-20-21 
07/13/2022Evening Pick 39-1-3FB: 8
07/13/2022Evening Pick 41-5-7-1FB: 3
07/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-07-16-27-40 
07/13/2022Midday Pick 37-1-5FB: 2
07/13/2022Midday Pick 48-4-9-6FB: 2
07/13/2022Powerball22-23-36-47-63[02]PP: X2
07/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-10-15-32-39 
07/12/2022Evening Pick 30-9-9FB: 0
07/12/2022Evening Pick 46-8-4-8FB: 7
07/12/2022Mega Millions04-07-10-45-64[12]MP: X2
07/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-05-07-11-19 
07/12/2022Midday Pick 39-8-1FB: 2
07/12/2022Midday Pick 48-7-9-0FB: 9
07/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-25-27-36-43 
07/11/2022Evening Pick 34-1-0FB: 1
07/11/2022Evening Pick 44-7-2-3FB: 7
07/11/2022Lotto12-17-24-27-28-37ES: 01
07/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-09-33-38-44 
07/11/2022Midday Pick 33-9-8FB: 7
07/11/2022Midday Pick 47-7-6-2FB: 0
07/11/2022Powerball04-26-34-37-52[09]PP: X2
07/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-15-32-39-41 
07/10/2022Evening Pick 30-0-4FB: 5
07/10/2022Evening Pick 44-5-5-8FB: 5
07/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-13-31-43-45 
07/10/2022Midday Pick 30-1-6FB: 5
07/10/2022Midday Pick 47-9-6-6FB: 2
07/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-15-18-22-29 
07/09/2022Evening Pick 35-0-8FB: 6
07/09/2022Evening Pick 47-6-4-9FB: 2
07/09/2022Lotto03-12-17-28-37-44ES: 04
07/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-17-34-35-39 
07/09/2022Midday Pick 32-6-7FB: 7
07/09/2022Midday Pick 41-7-9-1FB: 8
07/09/2022Powerball14-22-42-46-52[24]PP: X3
07/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-31-34-39-40 
07/08/2022Evening Pick 39-5-7FB: 3
07/08/2022Evening Pick 49-4-2-3FB: 2
07/08/2022Mega Millions20-36-61-62-69[20]MP: X3
07/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-18-21-38-44 
07/08/2022Midday Pick 32-3-1FB: 2
07/08/2022Midday Pick 49-9-0-1FB: 9
07/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-11-33-34-45 
07/07/2022Evening Pick 33-8-1FB: 1
07/07/2022Evening Pick 46-9-3-0FB: 2
07/07/2022Lotto01-14-16-39-42-49ES: 01
07/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-17-21-30-32 
07/07/2022Midday Pick 30-0-7FB: 9
07/07/2022Midday Pick 43-0-3-7FB: 4
07/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-14-17-20-42 
07/06/2022Evening Pick 32-0-6FB: 2
07/06/2022Evening Pick 48-5-1-1FB: 0
07/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-05-12-16-23 
07/06/2022Midday Pick 30-0-1FB: 1
07/06/2022Midday Pick 43-9-7-7FB: 7
07/06/2022Powerball32-36-49-62-69[13]PP: X2
07/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-05-09-10-36 
07/05/2022Evening Pick 33-6-0FB: 5
07/05/2022Evening Pick 42-5-4-3FB: 8
07/05/2022Mega Millions27-31-50-51-61[21]MP: X4
07/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-05-06-33-35 
07/05/2022Midday Pick 34-4-4FB: 8
07/05/2022Midday Pick 45-4-0-4FB: 8
07/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-15-16-20-23 
07/04/2022Evening Pick 32-4-6FB: 2
07/04/2022Evening Pick 44-4-5-4FB: 2
07/04/2022Lotto05-14-19-39-43-50ES: 10
07/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-14-18-26-32 
07/04/2022Midday Pick 33-3-8FB: 4
07/04/2022Midday Pick 49-3-1-6FB: 8
07/04/2022Powerball15-16-24-31-56[04]PP: X2
07/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-11-16-18-23 
07/03/2022Evening Pick 39-9-6FB: 3
07/03/2022Evening Pick 43-2-0-0FB: 1
07/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-20-28-44-45 
07/03/2022Midday Pick 34-6-4FB: 3
07/03/2022Midday Pick 47-2-6-5FB: 8
07/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto26-31-32-41-42 
07/02/2022Evening Pick 38-5-7FB: 7
07/02/2022Evening Pick 44-1-9-7FB: 4
07/02/2022Lotto02-10-13-15-25-47ES: 19
07/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-34-40-44-45 
07/02/2022Midday Pick 36-1-4FB: 0
07/02/2022Midday Pick 41-2-6-0FB: 4
07/02/2022Powerball09-10-37-59-62[26]PP: X3
07/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto20-25-29-35-44 
07/01/2022Evening Pick 39-6-1FB: 3
07/01/2022Evening Pick 41-8-0-0FB: 4
07/01/2022Mega Millions01-27-29-38-62[12]MP: X3
07/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-12-24-33-44 
07/01/2022Midday Pick 39-5-0FB: 1
07/01/2022Midday Pick 41-5-8-2FB: 0
06/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-16-20-32-40 
06/30/2022Evening Pick 32-4-0FB: 8
06/30/2022Evening Pick 45-4-7-0FB: 0
06/30/2022Lotto02-09-15-18-22-32ES: 11
06/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-21-27-39-41 
06/30/2022Midday Pick 39-7-6FB: 3
06/30/2022Midday Pick 43-7-2-2FB: 5
06/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-24-38-40-42 
06/29/2022Evening Pick 32-8-2FB: 1
06/29/2022Evening Pick 44-2-5-6FB: 3
06/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-10-34-38-42 
06/29/2022Midday Pick 36-9-3FB: 5
06/29/2022Midday Pick 43-7-9-0FB: 3
06/29/2022Powerball08-40-49-58-63[14]PP: X3
06/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-20-24-33-36 
06/28/2022Evening Pick 33-3-8FB: 5
06/28/2022Evening Pick 48-1-9-8FB: 6
06/28/2022Mega Millions07-12-21-43-55[11]MP: X2
06/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-08-09-15-38 
06/28/2022Midday Pick 33-5-6FB: 4
06/28/2022Midday Pick 41-7-5-6FB: 6
06/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-18-22-28-30 
06/27/2022Evening Pick 31-5-0FB: 0
06/27/2022Evening Pick 48-8-6-5FB: 0
06/27/2022Lotto01-15-22-35-36-40ES: 16
06/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-05-22-23-35 
06/27/2022Midday Pick 35-7-3FB: 0
06/27/2022Midday Pick 46-8-5-7FB: 1
06/27/2022Powerball11-13-18-30-37[16]PP: X3
06/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-24-32-33-43 
06/26/2022Evening Pick 36-7-6FB: 7
06/26/2022Evening Pick 46-4-9-0FB: 4
06/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-14-25-41-42 
06/26/2022Midday Pick 39-7-5FB: 8
06/26/2022Midday Pick 42-2-6-7FB: 5
06/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-07-19-21-28 
06/25/2022Evening Pick 37-0-3FB: 9
06/25/2022Evening Pick 44-1-7-8FB: 8
06/25/2022Lotto03-40-42-43-45-46ES: 16
06/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-06-10-20-34 
06/25/2022Midday Pick 31-7-0FB: 0
06/25/2022Midday Pick 49-6-3-7FB: 1
06/25/2022Powerball06-12-20-27-32[04]PP: X3
06/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-27-36-40-41 
06/24/2022Evening Pick 33-1-4FB: 7
06/24/2022Evening Pick 45-1-5-7FB: 6
06/24/2022Mega Millions01-07-11-25-56[14]MP: X2
06/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-12-19-27-34 
06/24/2022Midday Pick 38-4-2FB: 4
06/24/2022Midday Pick 42-6-8-8FB: 9
06/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto22-33-34-42-44 
06/23/2022Evening Pick 35-6-3FB: 9
06/23/2022Evening Pick 43-9-2-3FB: 2
06/23/2022Lotto18-22-24-28-41-44ES: 22
06/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-12-25-26-34 
06/23/2022Midday Pick 32-5-0FB: 2
06/23/2022Midday Pick 40-0-9-4FB: 5
06/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-23-29-36-37 
06/22/2022Evening Pick 39-0-4FB: 7
06/22/2022Evening Pick 40-6-5-4FB: 1
06/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-09-21-32-34 
06/22/2022Midday Pick 30-3-6FB: 3
06/22/2022Midday Pick 46-1-8-7FB: 9
06/22/2022Powerball06-10-31-48-56[12]PP: X3
06/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto29-32-33-38-41 
06/21/2022Evening Pick 38-4-0FB: 9
06/21/2022Evening Pick 46-3-7-9FB: 9
06/21/2022Mega Millions08-13-18-32-42[20]MP: X3
06/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto23-34-36-41-42 
06/21/2022Midday Pick 38-9-1FB: 6
06/21/2022Midday Pick 42-4-2-2FB: 4
06/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-09-15-17-34 
06/20/2022Evening Pick 37-2-3FB: 7
06/20/2022Evening Pick 45-1-2-4FB: 7
06/20/2022Lotto02-04-19-26-28-43ES: 04
06/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-14-31-35-42 
06/20/2022Midday Pick 36-6-4FB: 7
06/20/2022Midday Pick 44-7-1-3FB: 0
06/20/2022Powerball03-44-61-63-69[13]PP: X2
06/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-24-29-32-41 
06/19/2022Evening Pick 32-7-6FB: 9
06/19/2022Evening Pick 42-5-0-3FB: 0
06/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-12-18-19-31 
06/19/2022Midday Pick 38-0-1FB: 8
06/19/2022Midday Pick 47-6-9-0FB: 5
06/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-26-31-33-34 
06/18/2022Evening Pick 37-1-6FB: 1
06/18/2022Evening Pick 44-4-4-0FB: 5
06/18/2022Lotto04-06-07-24-28-29ES: 16
06/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-20-26-38-42 
06/18/2022Midday Pick 39-8-7FB: 1
06/18/2022Midday Pick 41-0-1-7FB: 7
06/18/2022Powerball10-19-40-45-58[25]PP: X2
06/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-12-14-15-33 
06/17/2022Evening Pick 39-8-0FB: 1
06/17/2022Evening Pick 49-6-1-9FB: 9
06/17/2022Mega Millions20-36-53-56-69[16]MP: X2
06/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-15-18-20-28 
06/17/2022Midday Pick 38-3-1FB: 3
06/17/2022Midday Pick 44-2-3-5FB: 1
06/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-15-16-18-24 
06/16/2022Evening Pick 30-0-5FB: 4
06/16/2022Evening Pick 48-0-1-8FB: 0
06/16/2022Lotto03-04-28-33-38-46ES: 16
06/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-23-26-36-44 
06/16/2022Midday Pick 33-9-4FB: 8
06/16/2022Midday Pick 42-4-9-6FB: 3
06/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-15-32-34-36 
06/15/2022Evening Pick 36-4-3FB: 1
06/15/2022Evening Pick 44-7-5-8FB: 1
06/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-18-20-23-24 
06/15/2022Midday Pick 37-6-4FB: 2
06/15/2022Midday Pick 45-2-0-3FB: 1
06/15/2022Powerball19-28-41-42-51[07]PP: X2
06/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-11-14-22-38 
06/14/2022Evening Pick 39-8-9FB: 8
06/14/2022Evening Pick 45-7-0-6FB: 8
06/14/2022Mega Millions30-37-38-42-58[22]MP: X2
06/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-36-38-39-42 
06/14/2022Midday Pick 37-7-9FB: 9
06/14/2022Midday Pick 40-7-2-7FB: 0
06/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-07-23-35-41 
06/13/2022Evening Pick 31-2-8FB: 9
06/13/2022Evening Pick 41-2-7-4FB: 4
06/13/2022Lotto01-04-21-22-27-30ES: 21
06/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-17-30-42-44 
06/13/2022Midday Pick 35-6-3FB: 7
06/13/2022Midday Pick 45-8-8-2FB: 1
06/13/2022Powerball02-27-42-44-51[25]PP: X2
06/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-07-14-32-39 
06/12/2022Evening Pick 38-8-0FB: 7
06/12/2022Evening Pick 40-5-5-0FB: 3
06/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-07-21-23-43 
06/12/2022Midday Pick 37-5-6FB: 2
06/12/2022Midday Pick 42-2-2-0FB: 1
06/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-17-21-42-45 
06/11/2022Evening Pick 34-4-8FB: 1
06/11/2022Evening Pick 49-4-0-3FB: 4
06/11/2022Lotto14-17-19-34-44-45ES: 01
06/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-24-27-29-42 
06/11/2022Midday Pick 39-7-5FB: 5
06/11/2022Midday Pick 48-0-7-7FB: 2
06/11/2022Powerball18-20-26-53-69[05]PP: X2
06/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-15-17-37-43 
06/10/2022Evening Pick 37-6-4FB: 9
06/10/2022Evening Pick 41-9-9-4FB: 3
06/10/2022Mega Millions03-12-14-18-32[04]MP: X5
06/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-08-28-40-41 
06/10/2022Midday Pick 30-3-0FB: 8
06/10/2022Midday Pick 45-3-5-0FB: 4
06/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-12-13-25-27 
06/09/2022Evening Pick 34-1-6FB: 9
06/09/2022Evening Pick 42-6-2-3FB: 9
06/09/2022Lotto01-12-22-37-38-50ES: 16
06/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-24-26-29-42 
06/09/2022Midday Pick 34-8-2FB: 6
06/09/2022Midday Pick 43-2-0-1FB: 4
06/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto21-22-36-40-44 
06/08/2022Evening Pick 36-4-1FB: 6
06/08/2022Evening Pick 44-1-9-9FB: 5
06/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-25-32-34-43 
06/08/2022Midday Pick 39-4-5FB: 3
06/08/2022Midday Pick 49-8-9-3FB: 2
06/08/2022Powerball22-39-43-62-64[07]PP: X4
06/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-06-07-20-22 
06/07/2022Evening Pick 34-1-8FB: 7
06/07/2022Evening Pick 46-8-7-5FB: 2
06/07/2022Mega Millions04-34-40-41-53[03]MP: X4
06/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-25-28-40-45 
06/07/2022Midday Pick 34-0-6FB: 1
06/07/2022Midday Pick 46-4-2-7FB: 6
06/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-13-35-39-40 
06/06/2022Evening Pick 36-3-3FB: 7
06/06/2022Evening Pick 43-0-3-8FB: 3
06/06/2022Lotto10-11-20-36-39-45ES: 13
06/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-15-26-34-39 
06/06/2022Midday Pick 38-1-9FB: 3
06/06/2022Midday Pick 41-6-4-3FB: 6
06/06/2022Powerball02-10-35-44-46[04]PP: X2
06/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-11-14-19-24 
06/05/2022Evening Pick 39-2-2FB: 4
06/05/2022Evening Pick 46-8-9-0FB: 9
06/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-04-06-10-11 
06/05/2022Midday Pick 37-1-9FB: 8
06/05/2022Midday Pick 42-3-8-6FB: 1
06/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto16-26-32-33-38 
06/04/2022Evening Pick 35-2-8FB: 5
06/04/2022Evening Pick 48-2-8-6FB: 1
06/04/2022Lotto08-16-19-21-38-44ES: 04
06/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-22-29-33-44 
06/04/2022Midday Pick 36-2-9FB: 2
06/04/2022Midday Pick 49-6-2-3FB: 7
06/04/2022Powerball14-16-36-52-60[16]PP: X3
06/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-13-28-29-45 
06/03/2022Evening Pick 37-1-7FB: 5
06/03/2022Evening Pick 49-1-2-8FB: 4
06/03/2022Mega Millions11-16-22-48-59[11]MP: X4
06/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-27-29-37-39 
06/03/2022Midday Pick 30-4-9FB: 7
06/03/2022Midday Pick 45-5-3-9FB: 0
06/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-10-37-42-45 
06/02/2022Evening Pick 35-0-0FB: 0
06/02/2022Evening Pick 44-3-7-8FB: 0
06/02/2022Lotto02-08-25-30-31-49ES: 05
06/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-07-17-29-43 
06/02/2022Midday Pick 34-5-6FB: 6
06/02/2022Midday Pick 42-5-4-8FB: 2
06/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto16-23-27-35-36 
06/01/2022Evening Pick 32-1-0FB: 3
06/01/2022Evening Pick 44-9-9-5FB: 0
06/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-28-29-34-37 
06/01/2022Midday Pick 35-1-2FB: 3
06/01/2022Midday Pick 40-1-4-8FB: 6
06/01/2022Powerball11-41-56-57-63[02]PP: X2
05/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-07-12-23-33 
05/31/2022Evening Pick 30-7-2FB: 5
05/31/2022Evening Pick 44-0-8-6FB: 7
05/31/2022Mega Millions06-15-41-63-64[24]MP: X4
05/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-15-29-33-40 
05/31/2022Midday Pick 30-8-7FB: 3
05/31/2022Midday Pick 41-5-1-0FB: 9
05/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto21-22-32-37-44 
05/30/2022Evening Pick 39-2-4FB: 0
05/30/2022Evening Pick 40-9-2-1FB: 5
05/30/2022Lotto02-12-27-40-45-46ES: 12
05/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-05-18-22-33 
05/30/2022Midday Pick 33-6-4FB: 9
05/30/2022Midday Pick 41-2-0-0FB: 0
05/30/2022Powerball27-28-51-68-69[22]PP: X2
05/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-30-38-42-43 
05/29/2022Evening Pick 36-2-6FB: 6
05/29/2022Evening Pick 49-8-5-1FB: 1
05/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-19-31-36-40 
05/29/2022Midday Pick 31-0-4FB: 3
05/29/2022Midday Pick 42-1-7-4FB: 3
05/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-12-34-42-43 
05/28/2022Evening Pick 36-0-9FB: 5
05/28/2022Evening Pick 46-8-8-1FB: 7
05/28/2022Lotto05-16-21-28-38-41ES: 04
05/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-17-26-28-42 
05/28/2022Midday Pick 30-7-5FB: 2
05/28/2022Midday Pick 46-8-5-2FB: 6
05/28/2022Powerball02-39-50-61-66[15]PP: X2
05/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto18-21-41-43-45 
05/27/2022Evening Pick 36-3-1FB: 5
05/27/2022Evening Pick 41-8-4-4FB: 8
05/27/2022Mega Millions03-14-40-53-54[08]MP: X3
05/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-10-19-20-45 
05/27/2022Midday Pick 35-6-8FB: 3
05/27/2022Midday Pick 47-9-5-4FB: 8
05/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-12-17-26-43 
05/26/2022Evening Pick 30-2-8FB: 6
05/26/2022Evening Pick 41-9-1-3FB: 1
05/26/2022Lotto09-10-16-17-25-27ES: 20
05/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-18-22-26-42 
05/26/2022Midday Pick 30-8-5FB: 3
05/26/2022Midday Pick 42-4-6-0FB: 2
05/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-22-25-27-36 
05/25/2022Evening Pick 30-0-0FB: 1
05/25/2022Evening Pick 44-1-6-2FB: 1
05/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-14-23-26-44 
05/25/2022Midday Pick 33-6-6FB: 4
05/25/2022Midday Pick 47-8-4-2FB: 9
05/25/2022Powerball19-28-39-42-57[17]PP: X3
05/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-10-26-28-33 
05/24/2022Evening Pick 33-8-9FB: 5
05/24/2022Evening Pick 48-1-1-9FB: 6
05/24/2022Mega Millions03-05-06-63-68[25]MP: X3
05/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-07-20-30-33 
05/24/2022Midday Pick 30-1-2FB: 7
05/24/2022Midday Pick 44-3-7-7FB: 5
05/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-18-25-32-39 
05/23/2022Evening Pick 39-9-4FB: 8
05/23/2022Evening Pick 46-4-1-6FB: 6
05/23/2022Lotto06-08-21-34-36-39ES: 24
05/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-05-23-32-44 
05/23/2022Midday Pick 35-9-6FB: 0
05/23/2022Midday Pick 47-7-7-5FB: 5
05/23/2022Powerball01-33-37-39-42[26]PP: X2
05/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-09-16-17-45 
05/22/2022Evening Pick 34-0-9FB: 3
05/22/2022Evening Pick 44-2-2-6FB: 2
05/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-28-30-37-44 
05/22/2022Midday Pick 31-9-5FB: 1
05/22/2022Midday Pick 47-8-2-4FB: 4
05/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-20-25-40-43 
05/21/2022Evening Pick 30-7-6FB: 8
05/21/2022Evening Pick 41-3-1-1FB: 6
05/21/2022Lotto07-26-31-32-42-46ES: 10
05/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-17-33-39-43 
05/21/2022Midday Pick 35-9-8FB: 9
05/21/2022Midday Pick 41-0-0-6FB: 0
05/21/2022Powerball14-15-25-52-58[11]PP: X2
05/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-14-18-29-44 
05/20/2022Evening Pick 31-1-2FB: 8
05/20/2022Evening Pick 41-7-8-5FB: 8
05/20/2022Mega Millions33-40-59-60-69[22]MP: X3
05/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-03-18-30-31 
05/20/2022Midday Pick 37-0-7FB: 7
05/20/2022Midday Pick 49-5-5-9FB: 3
05/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-02-35-38-45 
05/19/2022Evening Pick 35-5-0FB: 8
05/19/2022Evening Pick 48-5-5-6FB: 2
05/19/2022Lotto01-24-33-35-39-42ES: 22
05/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-27-35-42-43 
05/19/2022Midday Pick 31-4-7FB: 9
05/19/2022Midday Pick 42-6-7-0FB: 2
05/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-16-34-35-37 
05/18/2022Evening Pick 30-9-1FB: 6
05/18/2022Evening Pick 47-4-3-4FB: 5
05/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-10-17-41-42 
05/18/2022Midday Pick 33-4-1FB: 8
05/18/2022Midday Pick 44-0-7-6FB: 0
05/18/2022Powerball40-41-58-64-65[17]PP: X3
05/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-19-24-28-41 
05/17/2022Evening Pick 31-5-6FB: 7
05/17/2022Evening Pick 48-1-1-4FB: 6
05/17/2022Mega Millions07-21-24-41-65[24]MP: X4
05/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto22-34-38-39-40 
05/17/2022Midday Pick 30-2-3FB: 4
05/17/2022Midday Pick 45-7-7-6FB: 7
05/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-08-12-19-37 
05/16/2022Evening Pick 32-7-5FB: 2
05/16/2022Evening Pick 46-4-1-8FB: 9
05/16/2022Lotto07-15-28-32-34-49ES: 06
05/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-09-23-36-37 
05/16/2022Midday Pick 30-9-7FB: 8
05/16/2022Midday Pick 42-5-7-2FB: 1
05/16/2022Powerball07-15-22-36-64[13]PP: X2
05/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-12-17-31-34 
05/15/2022Evening Pick 34-2-7FB: 3
05/15/2022Evening Pick 45-3-5-3FB: 3
05/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-08-20-22-43 
05/15/2022Midday Pick 34-0-1FB: 9
05/15/2022Midday Pick 46-8-3-6FB: 4
05/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-23-27-29-33 
05/14/2022Evening Pick 34-2-7FB: 1
05/14/2022Evening Pick 49-4-4-4FB: 3
05/14/2022Lotto01-02-16-18-23-47ES: 14
05/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-07-10-28-39 
05/14/2022Midday Pick 31-5-8FB: 6
05/14/2022Midday Pick 49-0-2-9FB: 4
05/14/2022Powerball06-40-41-45-52[09]PP: X3
05/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-09-22-23-30 
05/13/2022Evening Pick 32-3-2FB: 4
05/13/2022Evening Pick 41-4-4-6FB: 7
05/13/2022Mega Millions11-41-43-44-65[13]MP: X3
05/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-20-28-34-39 
05/13/2022Midday Pick 31-5-0FB: 1
05/13/2022Midday Pick 47-9-7-4FB: 1
05/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-09-15-18-31 
05/12/2022Evening Pick 30-4-2FB: 1
05/12/2022Evening Pick 45-2-7-6FB: 6
05/12/2022Lotto10-15-17-28-29-49ES: 22
05/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-05-08-13-34 
05/12/2022Midday Pick 39-6-4FB: 6
05/12/2022Midday Pick 47-4-3-5FB: 1
05/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-13-19-34-37 
05/11/2022Evening Pick 30-7-7FB: 0
05/11/2022Evening Pick 49-8-2-9FB: 9
05/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-30-34-43-45 
05/11/2022Midday Pick 31-2-2FB: 7
05/11/2022Midday Pick 48-0-6-0FB: 9
05/11/2022Powerball05-07-61-63-69[18]PP: X2
05/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-31-33-43-44 
05/10/2022Evening Pick 32-8-1FB: 5
05/10/2022Evening Pick 46-0-2-4FB: 7
05/10/2022Mega Millions15-19-20-61-70[09]MP: X03
05/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-19-24-32-40 
05/10/2022Midday Pick 38-5-5FB: 2
05/10/2022Midday Pick 41-8-6-6FB: 3
05/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-22-36-41-43 
05/09/2022Evening Pick 39-6-0FB: 7
05/09/2022Evening Pick 48-9-4-4FB: 8
05/09/2022Lotto03-08-24-27-31-32ES: 10
05/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-02-18-27-34 
05/09/2022Midday Pick 35-3-7FB: 8
05/09/2022Midday Pick 40-2-8-0FB: 8
05/09/2022Powerball18-30-35-52-56[05]PP: X2
05/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-15-23-25-40 
05/08/2022Evening Pick 34-6-3FB: 9
05/08/2022Evening Pick 42-1-5-2FB: 0
05/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-35-39-44-45 
05/08/2022Midday Pick 30-8-9FB: 5
05/08/2022Midday Pick 49-0-1-1FB: 8
05/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-15-38-41-44 
05/07/2022Evening Pick 39-0-7FB: 1
05/07/2022Evening Pick 47-5-0-4FB: 0
05/07/2022Lotto05-06-23-32-36-39ES: 24
05/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-32-35-40-44 
05/07/2022Midday Pick 35-7-8FB: 3
05/07/2022Midday Pick 40-0-9-5FB: 6
05/07/2022Powerball04-05-06-28-67[10]PP: X2
05/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-23-26-30-37 
05/06/2022Evening Pick 36-7-8FB: 5
05/06/2022Evening Pick 42-3-3-1FB: 8
05/06/2022Mega Millions16-21-33-52-70[10]MP: X2
05/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-21-28-30-39 
05/06/2022Midday Pick 37-6-9FB: 3
05/06/2022Midday Pick 45-1-6-1FB: 6
05/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-20-34-41-43 
05/05/2022Evening Pick 31-3-6FB: 3
05/05/2022Evening Pick 42-2-7-7FB: 4
05/05/2022Lotto01-03-12-19-38-44ES: 10
05/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-11-22-36-40 
05/05/2022Midday Pick 32-6-1FB: 4
05/05/2022Midday Pick 46-1-3-2FB: 5
05/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-15-17-25-37 
05/04/2022Evening Pick 34-6-0FB: 9
05/04/2022Evening Pick 40-0-5-9FB: 5
05/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-09-12-15-38 
05/04/2022Midday Pick 33-4-9FB: 3
05/04/2022Midday Pick 47-4-7-1FB: 9
05/04/2022Powerball37-39-55-63-69[23]PP: X2
05/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-07-30-33-40 
05/03/2022Evening Pick 34-7-0FB: 4
05/03/2022Evening Pick 43-6-2-1FB: 1
05/03/2022Mega Millions15-19-27-35-57[17]MP: X2
05/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-15-35-38-42 
05/03/2022Midday Pick 33-5-7FB: 4
05/03/2022Midday Pick 42-0-7-6FB: 7
05/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-18-23-39-41 
05/02/2022Evening Pick 30-2-5FB: 9
05/02/2022Evening Pick 47-7-4-7FB: 6
05/02/2022Lotto06-09-28-30-34-41ES: 05
05/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-15-16-22-37 
05/02/2022Midday Pick 39-1-9FB: 5
05/02/2022Midday Pick 46-4-3-3FB: 3
05/02/2022Powerball18-27-33-39-44[08]PP: X5
05/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto24-31-39-43-44 
05/01/2022Evening Pick 34-3-5FB: 2
05/01/2022Evening Pick 45-7-0-6FB: 0
05/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-28-29-36-39 
05/01/2022Midday Pick 30-6-3FB: 7
05/01/2022Midday Pick 48-8-8-4FB: 4
04/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-26-36-40-42 
04/30/2022Evening Pick 39-2-1FB: 2
04/30/2022Evening Pick 40-9-1-6FB: 6
04/30/2022Lotto04-08-16-20-29-31ES: 21
04/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-29-39-42-43 
04/30/2022Midday Pick 34-8-2FB: 5
04/30/2022Midday Pick 47-2-3-2FB: 6
04/30/2022Powerball14-21-37-44-63[01]PP: X3
04/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-17-24-32-39 
04/29/2022Evening Pick 39-3-8FB: 0
04/29/2022Evening Pick 49-3-6-1FB: 5
04/29/2022Mega Millions09-11-34-49-66[15]MP: X02
04/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-12-16-24-36 
04/29/2022Midday Pick 34-3-0FB: 3
04/29/2022Midday Pick 48-2-5-5FB: 7
04/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto16-21-29-34-37 
04/28/2022Evening Pick 33-7-1FB: 0
04/28/2022Evening Pick 49-4-0-2FB: 9
04/28/2022Lotto12-14-21-26-27-44ES: 14
04/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-14-18-24-44 
04/28/2022Midday Pick 33-7-3FB: 3
04/28/2022Midday Pick 46-6-0-6FB: 6
04/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-09-13-26-35 
04/27/2022Evening Pick 38-2-4FB: 9
04/27/2022Evening Pick 46-1-8-9FB: 0
04/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-09-17-18-30 
04/27/2022Midday Pick 38-2-4FB: 4
04/27/2022Midday Pick 47-5-2-3FB: 0
04/27/2022Powerball11-36-61-62-68[04]PP: X2
04/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-22-31-34-43 
04/26/2022Evening Pick 34-8-3FB: 1
04/26/2022Evening Pick 45-1-9-2FB: 7
04/26/2022Mega Millions05-07-19-46-69[02]MP: X4
04/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-19-22-26-39 
04/26/2022Midday Pick 38-1-8FB: 2
04/26/2022Midday Pick 40-5-3-8FB: 6
04/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-05-08-29-43 
04/25/2022Evening Pick 33-0-3FB: 7
04/25/2022Evening Pick 47-5-7-5FB: 6
04/25/2022Lotto02-08-10-12-34-47ES: 13
04/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-07-21-22-26 
04/25/2022Midday Pick 30-8-8FB: 4
04/25/2022Midday Pick 42-1-4-6FB: 9
04/25/2022Powerball12-18-20-39-61[10]PP: X2
04/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-19-26-29-31 
04/24/2022Evening Pick 35-6-2FB: 3
04/24/2022Evening Pick 44-6-4-9FB: 4
04/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-24-30-35-45 
04/24/2022Midday Pick 37-7-5FB: 6
04/24/2022Midday Pick 44-4-2-0FB: 4
04/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-10-27-28-35 
04/23/2022Evening Pick 36-3-2FB: 7
04/23/2022Evening Pick 41-7-6-0FB: 1
04/23/2022Lotto13-15-28-29-31-44ES: 25
04/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-07-19-20-42 
04/23/2022Midday Pick 36-2-5FB: 7
04/23/2022Midday Pick 42-3-3-6FB: 4
04/23/2022Powerball10-39-47-49-56[08]PP: X3
04/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-20-25-29-43 
04/22/2022Evening Pick 31-4-7FB: 5
04/22/2022Evening Pick 43-2-7-1FB: 0
04/22/2022Mega Millions07-28-29-58-59[10]MP: X3
04/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-14-16-21-39 
04/22/2022Midday Pick 32-8-6FB: 6
04/22/2022Midday Pick 47-4-1-8FB: 7
04/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-07-26-29-35 
04/21/2022Evening Pick 38-4-2FB: 1
04/21/2022Evening Pick 41-9-7-9FB: 6
04/21/2022Lotto22-23-27-39-44-49ES: 08
04/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-15-22-24-25 
04/21/2022Midday Pick 38-4-3FB: 2
04/21/2022Midday Pick 48-3-2-2FB: 9
04/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto20-24-27-42-44 
04/20/2022Evening Pick 36-1-4FB: 4
04/20/2022Evening Pick 45-3-4-0FB: 8
04/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-27-30-38-43 
04/20/2022Midday Pick 30-5-3FB: 7
04/20/2022Midday Pick 46-3-8-5FB: 8
04/20/2022Powerball20-30-45-55-56[14]PP: X2
04/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-07-13-25-34 
04/19/2022Evening Pick 32-3-2FB: 7
04/19/2022Evening Pick 47-7-5-8FB: 6
04/19/2022Mega Millions02-09-33-47-53[24]MP: X3
04/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-19-33-38-44 
04/19/2022Midday Pick 35-0-5FB: 9
04/19/2022Midday Pick 47-6-7-0FB: 6
04/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-15-22-43-44 
04/18/2022Evening Pick 30-9-7FB: 2
04/18/2022Evening Pick 40-9-2-2FB: 9
04/18/2022Lotto07-11-36-43-46-50ES: 05
04/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-13-27-33-39 
04/18/2022Midday Pick 37-7-4FB: 3
04/18/2022Midday Pick 49-0-1-3FB: 7
04/18/2022Powerball08-33-55-59-62[18]PP: X2
04/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-12-15-18-38 
04/17/2022Evening Pick 36-2-3FB: 4
04/17/2022Evening Pick 47-0-2-9FB: 8
04/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-15-26-28-38 
04/17/2022Midday Pick 38-3-4FB: 4
04/17/2022Midday Pick 40-7-5-4FB: 9
04/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-18-21-32-40 
04/16/2022Evening Pick 31-6-0FB: 7
04/16/2022Evening Pick 48-4-4-7FB: 0
04/16/2022Lotto11-21-25-36-39-45ES: 16
04/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-06-31-33-39 
04/16/2022Midday Pick 39-0-7FB: 4
04/16/2022Midday Pick 44-1-2-7FB: 7
04/16/2022Powerball15-21-32-62-65[26]PP: X5
04/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-13-17-21-38 
04/15/2022Evening Pick 35-1-1FB: 4
04/15/2022Evening Pick 42-7-1-9FB: 7
04/15/2022Mega Millions04-17-20-46-64[23]MP: X4
04/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-17-29-37-45 
04/15/2022Midday Pick 38-5-3FB: 8
04/15/2022Midday Pick 48-4-7-5FB: 7
04/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-08-23-27-28 
04/14/2022Evening Pick 30-6-0FB: 4
04/14/2022Evening Pick 47-2-5-1FB: 8
04/14/2022Lotto01-12-13-21-22-44ES: 11
04/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-19-27-30-40 
04/14/2022Midday Pick 33-8-0FB: 6
04/14/2022Midday Pick 47-5-3-9FB: 9
04/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-28-32-39-43 
04/13/2022Evening Pick 34-5-5FB: 8
04/13/2022Evening Pick 41-2-3-0FB: 3
04/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-14-17-29-41 
04/13/2022Midday Pick 32-8-1FB: 1
04/13/2022Midday Pick 49-1-2-5FB: 0
04/13/2022Powerball14-16-41-63-68[26]PP: X2
04/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-20-22-28-40 
04/12/2022Evening Pick 31-2-1FB: 6
04/12/2022Evening Pick 45-0-8-0FB: 4
04/12/2022Mega Millions02-08-14-20-31[17]MP: X2
04/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-03-10-24-31 
04/12/2022Midday Pick 33-7-9FB: 5
04/12/2022Midday Pick 40-8-1-2FB: 8
04/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-12-21-36-39 
04/11/2022Evening Pick 38-0-5FB: 9
04/11/2022Evening Pick 44-8-2-4FB: 8
04/11/2022Lotto09-17-25-27-38-43ES: 07
04/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-05-09-31-32 
04/11/2022Midday Pick 30-4-8FB: 0
04/11/2022Midday Pick 42-1-1-9FB: 2
04/11/2022Powerball05-07-24-31-34[04]PP: X2
04/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto19-23-36-37-44 
04/10/2022Evening Pick 35-2-8FB: 7
04/10/2022Evening Pick 45-8-2-5FB: 0
04/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-16-42-43-45 
04/10/2022Midday Pick 39-1-7FB: 9
04/10/2022Midday Pick 49-0-1-1FB: 3
04/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-28-35-44-45 
04/09/2022Evening Pick 37-2-3FB: 4
04/09/2022Evening Pick 47-9-9-1FB: 8
04/09/2022Lotto01-06-16-17-48-50ES: 16
04/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-12-30-32-41 
04/09/2022Midday Pick 31-1-7FB: 1
04/09/2022Midday Pick 40-8-7-0FB: 0
04/09/2022Powerball06-16-31-62-66[18]PP: X2
04/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-22-25-32-43 
04/08/2022Evening Pick 32-1-3FB: 9
04/08/2022Evening Pick 49-9-8-0FB: 2
04/08/2022Mega Millions08-11-29-32-40[02]MP: X3
04/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-13-20-28-33 
04/08/2022Midday Pick 31-5-0FB: 7
04/08/2022Midday Pick 43-3-8-6FB: 5
04/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-23-30-36-41 
04/07/2022Evening Pick 31-0-5FB: 2
04/07/2022Evening Pick 40-2-6-8FB: 6
04/07/2022Lotto30-37-40-45-46-49ES: 24
04/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-10-28-36-40 
04/07/2022Midday Pick 34-4-4FB: 0
04/07/2022Midday Pick 41-3-9-2FB: 0
04/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-11-18-29-41 
04/06/2022Evening Pick 32-4-9FB: 5
04/06/2022Evening Pick 43-7-5-4FB: 0
04/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-18-20-38-43 
04/06/2022Midday Pick 32-5-6FB: 6
04/06/2022Midday Pick 45-6-5-5FB: 0
04/06/2022Powerball06-42-45-47-64[18]PP: X3
04/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-15-18-24-43 
04/05/2022Evening Pick 31-5-9FB: 6
04/05/2022Evening Pick 49-2-8-0FB: 5
04/05/2022Mega Millions22-43-60-63-64[18]MP: X2
04/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-22-36-40-45 
04/05/2022Midday Pick 37-6-0FB: 2
04/05/2022Midday Pick 40-8-0-1FB: 9
04/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-04-20-22-27 
04/04/2022Evening Pick 35-1-0FB: 4
04/04/2022Evening Pick 48-5-4-1FB: 1
04/04/2022Lotto18-25-35-37-41-45ES: 17
04/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-15-18-30-42 
04/04/2022Midday Pick 39-5-5FB: 0
04/04/2022Midday Pick 49-2-7-3FB: 1
04/04/2022Powerball02-32-39-46-69[06]PP: X2
04/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-18-21-23-35 
04/03/2022Evening Pick 38-4-4FB: 2
04/03/2022Evening Pick 48-6-3-4FB: 5
04/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-14-33-36-38 
04/03/2022Midday Pick 31-8-8FB: 8
04/03/2022Midday Pick 42-9-8-4FB: 5
04/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-25-36-38-39 
04/02/2022Evening Pick 35-8-9FB: 8
04/02/2022Evening Pick 43-8-5-5FB: 2
04/02/2022Lotto06-21-25-29-39-43ES: 11
04/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-09-11-26-38 
04/02/2022Midday Pick 34-5-6FB: 2
04/02/2022Midday Pick 47-8-1-0FB: 7
04/02/2022Powerball06-28-47-58-59[18]PP: X2
04/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-07-11-12-34 
04/01/2022Evening Pick 34-6-8FB: 2
04/01/2022Evening Pick 45-5-7-7FB: 8
04/01/2022Mega Millions26-42-47-48-63[21]MP: X5
04/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-13-28-30-31 
04/01/2022Midday Pick 30-4-3FB: 9
04/01/2022Midday Pick 47-7-9-3FB: 2
03/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-14-19-34-45 
03/31/2022Evening Pick 32-9-3FB: 9
03/31/2022Evening Pick 48-0-3-9FB: 6
03/31/2022Lotto19-25-35-37-43-47ES: 04
03/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-20-30-34-40 
03/31/2022Midday Pick 32-5-0FB: 7
03/31/2022Midday Pick 42-3-1-8FB: 9
03/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-15-31-41-42 
03/30/2022Evening Pick 37-0-3FB: 3
03/30/2022Evening Pick 45-9-2-6FB: 9
03/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-20-23-34-44 
03/30/2022Midday Pick 32-8-1FB: 3
03/30/2022Midday Pick 44-4-3-7FB: 6
03/30/2022Powerball03-07-21-31-37[11]PP: X3
03/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-05-14-17-33 
03/29/2022Evening Pick 31-1-3FB: 7
03/29/2022Evening Pick 48-4-6-1FB: 6
03/29/2022Mega Millions07-22-36-45-47[12]MP: X2
03/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-04-08-16-36 
03/29/2022Midday Pick 31-4-6FB: 6
03/29/2022Midday Pick 47-1-6-9FB: 0
03/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-11-24-29-45 
03/28/2022Evening Pick 31-7-5FB: 4
03/28/2022Evening Pick 40-7-4-7FB: 5
03/28/2022Lotto11-15-24-28-31-45ES: 04
03/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-19-24-32-43 
03/28/2022Midday Pick 32-7-4FB: 8
03/28/2022Midday Pick 48-6-0-5FB: 3
03/28/2022Powerball11-18-39-58-62[03]PP: X2
03/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-16-21-27-29 
03/27/2022Evening Pick 36-9-0FB: 9
03/27/2022Evening Pick 41-4-3-4FB: 3
03/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-12-19-35-42 
03/27/2022Midday Pick 39-9-2FB: 0
03/27/2022Midday Pick 46-0-7-8FB: 2
03/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-05-16-19-21 
03/26/2022Evening Pick 34-4-6FB: 7
03/26/2022Evening Pick 46-2-1-1FB: 1
03/26/2022Lotto14-19-21-39-44-46ES: 18
03/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto06-08-22-28-32 
03/26/2022Midday Pick 32-0-7FB: 3
03/26/2022Midday Pick 44-7-7-2FB: 1
03/26/2022Powerball02-10-50-59-61[06]PP: X3
03/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-08-15-16-39 
03/25/2022Evening Pick 35-1-1FB: 6
03/25/2022Evening Pick 42-6-0-3FB: 8
03/25/2022Mega Millions03-13-42-51-58[17]MP: X2
03/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-20-24-31-36 
03/25/2022Midday Pick 39-9-4FB: 7
03/25/2022Midday Pick 48-1-6-4FB: 3
03/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-16-18-34-44 
03/24/2022Evening Pick 37-2-6FB: 4
03/24/2022Evening Pick 42-7-7-3FB: 0
03/24/2022Lotto14-15-19-37-41-44ES: 19
03/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-21-24-33-39 
03/24/2022Midday Pick 39-5-3FB: 5
03/24/2022Midday Pick 46-7-7-5FB: 0
03/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto19-23-36-38-44 
03/23/2022Evening Pick 31-1-3FB: 6
03/23/2022Evening Pick 45-6-2-8FB: 1
03/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto26-36-40-41-43 
03/23/2022Midday Pick 34-9-0FB: 5
03/23/2022Midday Pick 45-4-3-0FB: 9
03/23/2022Powerball31-32-37-38-48[24]PP: X2
03/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-09-13-21-30 
03/22/2022Evening Pick 37-3-9FB: 1
03/22/2022Evening Pick 43-9-5-9FB: 0
03/22/2022Mega Millions08-15-21-27-61[08]MP: X3
03/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-07-14-39-40 
03/22/2022Midday Pick 38-8-0FB: 2
03/22/2022Midday Pick 45-3-7-7FB: 5
03/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-11-24-26-38 
03/21/2022Evening Pick 30-1-8FB: 2
03/21/2022Evening Pick 45-3-1-7FB: 3
03/21/2022Lotto08-18-25-30-32-44ES: 14
03/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-16-39-42-43 
03/21/2022Midday Pick 37-1-9FB: 9
03/21/2022Midday Pick 47-2-7-1FB: 0
03/21/2022Powerball01-15-26-63-65[16]PP: X2
03/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto13-19-31-41-44 
03/20/2022Evening Pick 30-5-0FB: 7
03/20/2022Evening Pick 41-1-7-8FB: 1
03/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-13-22-35-43 
03/20/2022Midday Pick 35-0-8FB: 6
03/20/2022Midday Pick 44-2-5-6FB: 1
03/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-13-23-35-40 
03/19/2022Evening Pick 37-6-9FB: 0
03/19/2022Evening Pick 47-5-7-8FB: 9
03/19/2022Lotto16-19-30-32-34-45ES: 16
03/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-15-22-41-42 
03/19/2022Midday Pick 32-0-5FB: 0
03/19/2022Midday Pick 41-5-3-1FB: 1
03/19/2022Powerball08-09-18-48-52[06]PP: X2
03/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-18-28-31-34 
03/18/2022Evening Pick 32-7-4FB: 9
03/18/2022Evening Pick 41-7-5-3FB: 7
03/18/2022Mega Millions02-06-25-40-45[05]MP: X4
03/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-03-18-29-32 
03/18/2022Midday Pick 37-2-8FB: 5
03/18/2022Midday Pick 42-1-3-7FB: 7
03/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-09-24-33-43 
03/17/2022Evening Pick 39-9-1FB: 7
03/17/2022Evening Pick 42-6-6-4FB: 4
03/17/2022Lotto10-11-15-27-32-34ES: 11
03/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-20-29-35-37 
03/17/2022Midday Pick 36-4-6FB: 6
03/17/2022Midday Pick 49-6-0-0FB: 4
03/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-09-21-33-35 
03/16/2022Evening Pick 37-3-2FB: 6
03/16/2022Evening Pick 46-1-3-3FB: 3
03/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-24-38-39-45 
03/16/2022Midday Pick 36-5-7FB: 3
03/16/2022Midday Pick 47-8-2-6FB: 7
03/16/2022Powerball03-28-34-35-58[17]PP: X02
03/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-08-23-24-38 
03/15/2022Evening Pick 33-4-7FB: 5
03/15/2022Evening Pick 48-8-8-1FB: 1
03/15/2022Mega Millions09-14-28-59-60[24]MP: X5
03/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-11-22-30-37 
03/15/2022Midday Pick 32-4-6FB: 9
03/15/2022Midday Pick 49-9-9-1FB: 9
03/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-14-37-39-44 
03/14/2022Evening Pick 34-6-7FB: 4
03/14/2022Evening Pick 43-5-4-0FB: 4
03/14/2022Lotto05-06-24-25-31-45ES: 20
03/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-04-13-28-36 
03/14/2022Midday Pick 38-4-2FB: 2
03/14/2022Midday Pick 46-5-0-2FB: 9
03/14/2022Powerball21-28-32-44-49[06]PP: X3
03/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-08-28-37-40 
03/13/2022Evening Pick 35-2-1FB: 3
03/13/2022Evening Pick 42-6-4-2FB: 8
03/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-13-17-24-45 
03/13/2022Midday Pick 32-5-4FB: 0
03/13/2022Midday Pick 43-1-4-4FB: 1
03/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-09-28-33-44 
03/12/2022Evening Pick 30-1-8FB: 7
03/12/2022Evening Pick 41-9-0-7FB: 8
03/12/2022Lotto03-16-28-30-32-35ES: 19
03/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-06-11-35-37 
03/12/2022Midday Pick 39-6-6FB: 4
03/12/2022Midday Pick 41-3-3-2FB: 6
03/12/2022Powerball19-20-37-39-61[08]PP: X2
03/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-10-12-24-44 
03/11/2022Evening Pick 38-8-3FB: 6
03/11/2022Evening Pick 47-5-9-4FB: 5
03/11/2022Mega Millions24-28-39-44-66[25]MP: X3
03/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-06-13-34-42 
03/11/2022Midday Pick 38-2-9FB: 4
03/11/2022Midday Pick 40-9-4-9FB: 2
03/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-17-34-41-42 
03/10/2022Evening Pick 32-2-4FB: 9
03/10/2022Evening Pick 48-0-5-1FB: 0
03/10/2022Lotto12-14-20-31-41-50ES: 20
03/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-07-29-32-36 
03/10/2022Midday Pick 32-2-1FB: 3
03/10/2022Midday Pick 46-2-7-8FB: 5
03/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-14-18-43-45 
03/09/2022Evening Pick 30-8-0FB: 3
03/09/2022Evening Pick 42-4-2-7FB: 5
03/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-14-15-16-22 
03/09/2022Midday Pick 36-8-1FB: 8
03/09/2022Midday Pick 48-3-0-2FB: 3
03/09/2022Powerball13-22-34-51-67[10]PP: X2
03/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-16-20-27-41 
03/08/2022Evening Pick 32-4-3FB: 3
03/08/2022Evening Pick 44-3-6-5FB: 4
03/08/2022Mega Millions07-18-38-58-64[24]MP: X3
03/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-13-20-25-26 
03/08/2022Midday Pick 33-0-1FB: 2
03/08/2022Midday Pick 44-5-1-6FB: 0
03/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-18-23-34-37 
03/07/2022Evening Pick 37-8-1FB: 9
03/07/2022Evening Pick 46-2-0-7FB: 0
03/07/2022Lotto30-36-43-46-48-49ES: 21
03/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-18-21-29-37 
03/07/2022Midday Pick 38-3-6FB: 5
03/07/2022Midday Pick 40-3-4-6FB: 9
03/07/2022Powerball10-43-55-59-67[02]PP: X3
03/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-13-16-35-39 
03/06/2022Evening Pick 38-5-9FB: 1
03/06/2022Evening Pick 40-3-5-6FB: 0
03/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-14-24-26-39 
03/06/2022Midday Pick 38-0-2FB: 3
03/06/2022Midday Pick 43-3-8-1FB: 7
03/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-13-26-30-42 
03/05/2022Evening Pick 33-9-3FB: 1
03/05/2022Evening Pick 40-2-7-4FB: 4
03/05/2022Lotto10-16-26-40-46-47ES: 11
03/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-07-17-21-44 
03/05/2022Midday Pick 34-9-6FB: 9
03/05/2022Midday Pick 42-8-5-2FB: 2
03/05/2022Powerball08-23-37-52-63[13]PP: X2
03/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-11-12-24-41 
03/04/2022Evening Pick 34-8-1FB: 5
03/04/2022Evening Pick 46-9-9-0FB: 6
03/04/2022Mega Millions11-19-28-46-47[05]MP: X4
03/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto04-08-15-23-34 
03/04/2022Midday Pick 37-2-9FB: 5
03/04/2022Midday Pick 43-6-3-4FB: 5
03/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-08-26-39-41 
03/03/2022Evening Pick 36-2-3FB: 2
03/03/2022Evening Pick 43-7-4-7FB: 6
03/03/2022Lotto06-11-16-18-24-43ES: 22
03/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-19-35-42-43 
03/03/2022Midday Pick 33-3-1FB: 8
03/03/2022Midday Pick 42-8-4-5FB: 7
03/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-03-12-22-25 
03/02/2022Evening Pick 34-0-7FB: 3
03/02/2022Evening Pick 46-7-8-5FB: 4
03/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-17-18-29-30 
03/02/2022Midday Pick 33-2-2FB: 9
03/02/2022Midday Pick 42-1-2-4FB: 8
03/02/2022Powerball19-37-48-61-63[12]PP: X2
03/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-20-29-39-44 
03/01/2022Evening Pick 33-9-4FB: 5
03/01/2022Evening Pick 43-6-3-2FB: 5
03/01/2022Mega Millions18-22-38-39-50[18]MP: X2
03/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-19-23-37-41 
03/01/2022Midday Pick 37-6-5FB: 7
03/01/2022Midday Pick 45-8-3-2FB: 9
02/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-15-26-29-35 
02/28/2022Evening Pick 39-3-4FB: 7
02/28/2022Evening Pick 43-1-9-6FB: 3
02/28/2022Lotto02-09-13-16-19-48ES: 07
02/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-13-14-29-31 
02/28/2022Midday Pick 37-0-6FB: 1
02/28/2022Midday Pick 40-8-8-2FB: 3
02/28/2022Powerball07-21-39-47-55[19]PP: X2
02/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-09-15-33-42 
02/27/2022Evening Pick 35-6-9FB: 4
02/27/2022Evening Pick 41-9-0-8FB: 2
02/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-12-17-28-43 
02/27/2022Midday Pick 33-6-0FB: 9
02/27/2022Midday Pick 42-2-0-1FB: 6
02/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto23-35-40-43-44 
02/26/2022Evening Pick 39-2-5FB: 2
02/26/2022Evening Pick 45-7-5-5FB: 4
02/26/2022Lotto09-10-11-25-40-43ES: 19
02/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-23-24-26-44 
02/26/2022Midday Pick 35-8-7FB: 9
02/26/2022Midday Pick 47-0-3-6FB: 4
02/26/2022Powerball15-32-36-48-64[19]PP: X3
02/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-09-19-20-39 
02/25/2022Evening Pick 35-1-7FB: 8
02/25/2022Evening Pick 40-0-4-4FB: 3
02/25/2022Mega Millions15-31-40-56-66[04]MP: X3
02/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-22-30-37-40 
02/25/2022Midday Pick 34-0-6FB: 9
02/25/2022Midday Pick 47-8-2-7FB: 9
02/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-17-23-32-40 
02/24/2022Evening Pick 35-8-3FB: 8
02/24/2022Evening Pick 45-4-5-6FB: 0
02/24/2022Lotto01-02-21-26-34-42ES: 22
02/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-05-10-20-23 
02/24/2022Midday Pick 34-4-0FB: 3
02/24/2022Midday Pick 46-1-2-3FB: 1
02/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-04-19-26-31 
02/23/2022Evening Pick 30-3-0FB: 0
02/23/2022Evening Pick 41-7-2-9FB: 5
02/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-09-14-35-41 
02/23/2022Midday Pick 37-7-4FB: 5
02/23/2022Midday Pick 43-0-0-5FB: 2
02/23/2022Powerball06-17-21-35-64[18]PP: X2
02/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-15-20-24-39 
02/22/2022Evening Pick 30-3-4FB: 1
02/22/2022Evening Pick 47-6-6-4FB: 6
02/22/2022Mega Millions06-17-22-57-62[03]MP: X3
02/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-23-29-31-36 
02/22/2022Midday Pick 34-4-1FB: 0
02/22/2022Midday Pick 44-5-6-2FB: 7
02/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-12-16-28-39 
02/21/2022Evening Pick 31-2-3FB: 9
02/21/2022Evening Pick 41-3-7-7FB: 8
02/21/2022Lotto09-16-21-45-47-49ES: 16
02/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-06-16-18-29 
02/21/2022Midday Pick 39-4-0FB: 1
02/21/2022Midday Pick 41-0-7-9FB: 6
02/21/2022Powerball02-36-37-45-69[03]PP: X2
02/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-17-35-36-42 
02/20/2022Evening Pick 35-8-0FB: 5
02/20/2022Evening Pick 47-3-9-1FB: 6
02/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-11-34-39-44 
02/20/2022Midday Pick 38-7-9FB: 3
02/20/2022Midday Pick 46-7-6-7FB: 3
02/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto18-19-20-21-43 
02/19/2022Evening Pick 37-0-6FB: 0
02/19/2022Evening Pick 49-3-8-9FB: 5
02/19/2022Lotto04-10-29-33-35-43ES: 01
02/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-18-27-30-43 
02/19/2022Midday Pick 35-3-5FB: 2
02/19/2022Midday Pick 45-4-9-1FB: 0
02/19/2022Powerball03-10-15-33-42[11]PP: X2
02/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto08-16-30-41-45 
02/18/2022Evening Pick 31-2-3FB: 1
02/18/2022Evening Pick 45-9-1-2FB: 4
02/18/2022Mega Millions06-11-50-63-68[17]MP: X4
02/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-11-12-35-38 
02/18/2022Midday Pick 39-5-4FB: 0
02/18/2022Midday Pick 44-4-9-2FB: 7
02/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-08-20-41-44 
02/17/2022Evening Pick 38-4-8FB: 1
02/17/2022Evening Pick 49-3-3-8FB: 3
02/17/2022Lotto08-30-42-47-49-50ES: 15
02/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto21-23-24-30-40 
02/17/2022Midday Pick 35-2-3FB: 9
02/17/2022Midday Pick 43-6-1-0FB: 7
02/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-16-19-23-24 
02/16/2022Evening Pick 35-3-5FB: 2
02/16/2022Evening Pick 40-3-3-4FB: 8
02/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-21-32-42-45 
02/16/2022Midday Pick 33-7-3FB: 2
02/16/2022Midday Pick 44-2-8-6FB: 5
02/16/2022Powerball22-30-40-42-48[16]PP: X2
02/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-21-29-33-37 
02/15/2022Evening Pick 39-9-5FB: 1
02/15/2022Evening Pick 49-8-0-3FB: 6
02/15/2022Mega Millions02-04-15-21-63[19]MP: X3
02/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto13-14-26-33-34 
02/15/2022Midday Pick 31-5-6FB: 0
02/15/2022Midday Pick 40-9-9-6FB: 5
02/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-14-19-24-39 
02/14/2022Evening Pick 32-6-5FB: 6
02/14/2022Evening Pick 49-1-9-0FB: 2
02/14/2022Lotto02-03-05-20-42-44ES: 15
02/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-12-15-23-34 
02/14/2022Midday Pick 32-3-3FB: 4
02/14/2022Midday Pick 42-1-7-5FB: 0
02/14/2022Powerball16-25-27-49-55[17]PP: X3
02/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto16-17-19-23-29 
02/13/2022Evening Pick 38-7-6FB: 7
02/13/2022Evening Pick 47-8-1-4FB: 6
02/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto29-37-38-39-42 
02/13/2022Midday Pick 35-9-3FB: 0
02/13/2022Midday Pick 47-0-1-3FB: 6
02/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-11-21-32-44 
02/12/2022Evening Pick 34-1-1FB: 9
02/12/2022Evening Pick 49-3-0-3FB: 1
02/12/2022Lotto04-05-14-39-44-50ES: 06
02/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-21-28-30-40 
02/12/2022Midday Pick 36-7-7FB: 7
02/12/2022Midday Pick 49-9-2-6FB: 6
02/12/2022Powerball08-10-21-41-62[07]PP: X3
02/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-27-30-36-45 
02/11/2022Evening Pick 37-4-6FB: 4
02/11/2022Evening Pick 45-3-3-9FB: 3
02/11/2022Mega Millions11-16-23-24-30[24]MP: X3
02/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-16-24-32-33 
02/11/2022Midday Pick 37-2-1FB: 4
02/11/2022Midday Pick 46-1-5-1FB: 3
02/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-13-23-30-39 
02/10/2022Evening Pick 35-1-2FB: 4
02/10/2022Evening Pick 45-9-2-4FB: 4
02/10/2022Lotto05-06-07-11-18-19ES: 16
02/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-06-07-13-29 
02/10/2022Midday Pick 31-6-4FB: 8
02/10/2022Midday Pick 46-7-9-9FB: 5
02/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-19-21-24-26 
02/09/2022Evening Pick 33-8-9FB: 6
02/09/2022Evening Pick 44-9-8-4FB: 1
02/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-07-37-40-44 
02/09/2022Midday Pick 32-5-7FB: 6
02/09/2022Midday Pick 41-6-3-8FB: 4
02/09/2022Powerball02-17-33-51-63[26]PP: X2
02/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-19-20-35-42 
02/08/2022Evening Pick 39-2-4FB: 0
02/08/2022Evening Pick 46-1-3-5FB: 3
02/08/2022Mega Millions01-17-20-52-54[02]MP: X3
02/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-12-18-20-32 
02/08/2022Midday Pick 36-9-1FB: 9
02/08/2022Midday Pick 42-7-4-1FB: 0
02/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-18-29-40-44 
02/07/2022Evening Pick 32-5-2FB: 7
02/07/2022Evening Pick 46-4-2-3FB: 9
02/07/2022Lotto02-09-20-23-34-38ES: 15
02/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto15-20-24-37-45 
02/07/2022Midday Pick 34-4-1FB: 4
02/07/2022Midday Pick 49-4-3-7FB: 3
02/07/2022Powerball05-15-38-47-65[10]PP: X3
02/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-10-11-12-15 
02/06/2022Evening Pick 37-5-6FB: 7
02/06/2022Evening Pick 45-1-6-2FB: 2
02/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-13-24-30-37 
02/06/2022Midday Pick 32-5-5FB: 7
02/06/2022Midday Pick 49-1-5-8FB: 0
02/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-14-16-31-41 
02/05/2022Evening Pick 33-7-6FB: 3
02/05/2022Evening Pick 40-3-4-3FB: 9
02/05/2022Lotto03-04-06-13-15-50ES: 15
02/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-10-13-29-38 
02/05/2022Midday Pick 36-4-8FB: 3
02/05/2022Midday Pick 47-7-3-9FB: 6
02/05/2022Powerball05-16-27-39-61[24]PP: X2
02/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-28-32-34-35 
02/04/2022Evening Pick 39-6-7FB: 8
02/04/2022Evening Pick 48-0-6-3FB: 6
02/04/2022Mega Millions07-16-34-44-61[24]MP: X4
02/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto10-17-23-37-42 
02/04/2022Midday Pick 38-6-7FB: 6
02/04/2022Midday Pick 44-3-2-0FB: 5
02/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-22-25-33-44 
02/03/2022Evening Pick 30-7-6FB: 9
02/03/2022Evening Pick 45-5-0-3FB: 9
02/03/2022Lotto01-02-11-26-38-40ES: 08
02/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-23-28-32-34 
02/03/2022Midday Pick 33-8-2FB: 7
02/03/2022Midday Pick 44-5-8-2FB: 1
02/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto29-31-36-37-44 
02/02/2022Evening Pick 33-1-1FB: 0
02/02/2022Evening Pick 47-8-3-4FB: 8
02/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-10-25-31-43 
02/02/2022Midday Pick 35-0-7FB: 1
02/02/2022Midday Pick 49-5-5-0FB: 1
02/02/2022Powerball18-29-33-62-63[15]PP: X3
02/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-12-15-36-44 
02/01/2022Evening Pick 33-7-0FB: 5
02/01/2022Evening Pick 45-6-0-9FB: 8
02/01/2022Mega Millions11-24-38-62-66[01]MP: X4
02/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-24-29-32-44 
02/01/2022Midday Pick 36-5-8FB: 9
02/01/2022Midday Pick 47-9-8-6FB: 9
01/31/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto18-22-29-37-45 
01/31/2022Evening Pick 37-4-3FB: 2
01/31/2022Evening Pick 44-2-7-7FB: 5
01/31/2022Lotto03-15-18-23-40-41ES: 12
01/31/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-06-28-35-38 
01/31/2022Midday Pick 37-6-0FB: 7
01/31/2022Midday Pick 43-7-0-0FB: 5
01/31/2022Powerball10-15-51-61-69[14]PP: X3
01/30/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto14-30-35-40-42 
01/30/2022Evening Pick 35-6-3FB: 0
01/30/2022Evening Pick 40-6-2-1FB: 7
01/30/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-16-38-42-44 
01/30/2022Midday Pick 34-1-9FB: 8
01/30/2022Midday Pick 47-0-4-0FB: 0
01/29/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-10-15-33-37 
01/29/2022Evening Pick 37-1-6FB: 9
01/29/2022Evening Pick 44-2-9-1FB: 9
01/29/2022Lotto02-11-22-27-31-43ES: 12
01/29/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-12-24-32-42 
01/29/2022Midday Pick 31-3-8FB: 7
01/29/2022Midday Pick 48-2-3-4FB: 3
01/29/2022Powerball02-15-38-54-65[11]PP: X4
01/28/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-13-15-26-33 
01/28/2022Evening Pick 30-6-7FB: 3
01/28/2022Evening Pick 41-3-5-1FB: 2
01/28/2022Mega Millions03-16-25-44-55[13]MP: X3
01/28/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto12-17-27-40-44 
01/28/2022Midday Pick 34-4-4FB: 2
01/28/2022Midday Pick 49-5-7-9FB: 9
01/27/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto09-10-11-24-38 
01/27/2022Evening Pick 39-0-0FB: 2
01/27/2022Evening Pick 43-6-4-1FB: 6
01/27/2022Lotto04-07-08-40-44-47ES: 10
01/27/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-16-23-27-39 
01/27/2022Midday Pick 35-5-9FB: 1
01/27/2022Midday Pick 40-8-7-3FB: 6
01/26/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-24-28-37-44 
01/26/2022Evening Pick 30-7-4FB: 0
01/26/2022Evening Pick 40-5-1-2FB: 4
01/26/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto21-26-39-41-45 
01/26/2022Midday Pick 31-7-4FB: 4
01/26/2022Midday Pick 47-7-6-2FB: 8
01/26/2022Powerball04-11-38-49-69[16]PP: X3
01/25/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-17-27-30-39 
01/25/2022Evening Pick 33-1-2FB: 5
01/25/2022Evening Pick 45-7-9-4FB: 3
01/25/2022Mega Millions03-12-38-53-58[13]MP: X3
01/25/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-03-08-13-33 
01/25/2022Midday Pick 32-3-3FB: 3
01/25/2022Midday Pick 48-6-4-3FB: 8
01/24/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto04-19-20-26-44 
01/24/2022Evening Pick 38-3-2FB: 7
01/24/2022Evening Pick 41-6-8-7FB: 4
01/24/2022Lotto05-06-12-18-29-36ES: 24
01/24/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-19-30-35-37 
01/24/2022Midday Pick 39-5-3FB: 1
01/24/2022Midday Pick 47-6-2-2FB: 0
01/24/2022Powerball11-29-30-47-53[16]PP: X3
01/23/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto16-19-21-33-36 
01/23/2022Evening Pick 38-3-8FB: 4
01/23/2022Evening Pick 42-5-7-2FB: 5
01/23/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-20-23-25-42 
01/23/2022Midday Pick 39-5-4FB: 5
01/23/2022Midday Pick 40-4-7-5FB: 7
01/22/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto05-10-27-29-44 
01/22/2022Evening Pick 36-0-1FB: 1
01/22/2022Evening Pick 49-6-9-6FB: 8
01/22/2022Lotto08-14-33-34-35-50ES: 23
01/22/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-10-23-24-36 
01/22/2022Midday Pick 38-4-4FB: 2
01/22/2022Midday Pick 48-4-2-3FB: 2
01/22/2022Powerball08-14-33-36-67[17]PP: X2
01/21/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-02-22-28-44 
01/21/2022Evening Pick 33-5-8FB: 9
01/21/2022Evening Pick 40-9-5-5FB: 6
01/21/2022Mega Millions38-45-46-55-67[18]MP: X2
01/21/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto09-19-28-36-37 
01/21/2022Midday Pick 37-1-3FB: 6
01/21/2022Midday Pick 41-3-0-8FB: 4
01/20/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto21-23-28-31-44 
01/20/2022Evening Pick 39-5-7FB: 9
01/20/2022Evening Pick 46-0-9-3FB: 6
01/20/2022Lotto02-06-13-14-20-38ES: 16
01/20/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-20-29-30-38 
01/20/2022Midday Pick 31-6-5FB: 5
01/20/2022Midday Pick 49-9-9-1FB: 8
01/19/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-05-13-23-42 
01/19/2022Evening Pick 32-2-9FB: 9
01/19/2022Evening Pick 49-7-4-5FB: 1
01/19/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-20-21-31-32 
01/19/2022Midday Pick 32-5-7FB: 4
01/19/2022Midday Pick 43-9-8-0FB: 4
01/19/2022Powerball11-15-43-55-61[10]PP: X3
01/18/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto03-04-23-27-29 
01/18/2022Evening Pick 34-6-0FB: 8
01/18/2022Evening Pick 48-1-2-0FB: 5
01/18/2022Mega Millions04-19-39-42-52[09]MP: X4
01/18/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto11-22-24-27-31 
01/18/2022Midday Pick 33-5-7FB: 3
01/18/2022Midday Pick 41-0-1-9FB: 8
01/17/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-12-30-40-43 
01/17/2022Evening Pick 35-4-7FB: 8
01/17/2022Evening Pick 40-4-8-5FB: 3
01/17/2022Lotto10-31-32-44-49-50ES: 23
01/17/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto16-21-26-33-34 
01/17/2022Midday Pick 33-5-7FB: 3
01/17/2022Midday Pick 40-6-6-0FB: 4
01/17/2022Powerball09-24-35-46-65[22]PP: X2
01/16/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-16-28-32-34 
01/16/2022Evening Pick 33-3-1FB: 5
01/16/2022Evening Pick 42-2-2-7FB: 4
01/16/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-12-18-19-29 
01/16/2022Midday Pick 31-5-1FB: 6
01/16/2022Midday Pick 46-9-4-5FB: 2
01/15/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto20-21-24-43-45 
01/15/2022Evening Pick 34-3-0FB: 3
01/15/2022Evening Pick 49-5-3-3FB: 9
01/15/2022Lotto06-19-27-35-45-48ES: 18
01/15/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-09-25-27-31 
01/15/2022Midday Pick 32-6-3FB: 3
01/15/2022Midday Pick 47-6-6-3FB: 9
01/15/2022Powerball03-18-37-51-59[13]PP: X2
01/14/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-20-27-30-33 
01/14/2022Evening Pick 34-3-7FB: 6
01/14/2022Evening Pick 42-0-7-6FB: 7
01/14/2022Mega Millions05-08-13-22-48[25]MP: X2
01/14/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-09-21-22-29 
01/14/2022Midday Pick 31-9-1FB: 7
01/14/2022Midday Pick 40-0-0-1FB: 7
01/13/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-05-06-10-13 
01/13/2022Evening Pick 39-9-0FB: 2
01/13/2022Evening Pick 46-0-6-2FB: 8
01/13/2022Lotto08-10-15-20-38-49ES: 15
01/13/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto08-13-33-42-43 
01/13/2022Midday Pick 38-4-1FB: 7
01/13/2022Midday Pick 43-7-4-1FB: 8
01/12/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto02-20-27-37-45 
01/12/2022Evening Pick 33-2-3FB: 1
01/12/2022Evening Pick 48-2-8-2FB: 6
01/12/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-20-28-30-42 
01/12/2022Midday Pick 31-9-0FB: 9
01/12/2022Midday Pick 43-1-3-8FB: 0
01/12/2022Powerball12-21-22-30-33[24]PP: X4
01/11/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto01-23-35-38-41 
01/11/2022Evening Pick 32-1-1FB: 2
01/11/2022Evening Pick 46-4-8-7FB: 3
01/11/2022Mega Millions02-03-19-52-58[16]MP: X2
01/11/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto05-11-19-26-28 
01/11/2022Midday Pick 37-9-8FB: 8
01/11/2022Midday Pick 45-0-7-6FB: 6
01/10/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto06-07-08-11-16 
01/10/2022Evening Pick 35-0-8FB: 1
01/10/2022Evening Pick 46-6-1-4FB: 4
01/10/2022Lotto02-12-27-33-39-43ES: 12
01/10/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto14-26-28-31-33 
01/10/2022Midday Pick 32-5-4FB: 6
01/10/2022Midday Pick 45-0-3-5FB: 6
01/10/2022Powerball14-17-18-21-27[09]PP: X2
01/09/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto12-32-36-41-45 
01/09/2022Evening Pick 37-2-6FB: 4
01/09/2022Evening Pick 44-7-3-4FB: 9
01/09/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto07-14-22-31-44 
01/09/2022Midday Pick 39-8-3FB: 9
01/09/2022Midday Pick 40-9-7-6FB: 2
01/08/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-20-24-27-34 
01/08/2022Evening Pick 38-6-2FB: 6
01/08/2022Evening Pick 48-2-5-3FB: 7
01/08/2022Lotto04-07-28-36-40-44ES: 03
01/08/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-04-19-26-40 
01/08/2022Midday Pick 33-7-7FB: 2
01/08/2022Midday Pick 40-9-7-8FB: 6
01/08/2022Powerball20-21-36-60-65[13]PP: X10
01/07/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-15-22-33-38 
01/07/2022Evening Pick 36-7-4FB: 6
01/07/2022Evening Pick 42-5-0-5FB: 2
01/07/2022Mega Millions07-29-43-56-57[06]MP: X3
01/07/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto01-04-19-26-39 
01/07/2022Midday Pick 35-8-5FB: 0
01/07/2022Midday Pick 44-3-7-3FB: 2
01/06/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-11-27-29-32 
01/06/2022Evening Pick 37-5-5FB: 5
01/06/2022Evening Pick 44-4-2-5FB: 8
01/06/2022Lotto06-10-14-36-39-44ES: 11
01/06/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto17-21-30-33-41 
01/06/2022Midday Pick 35-6-9FB: 3
01/06/2022Midday Pick 48-4-9-8FB: 7
01/05/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto11-19-21-35-41 
01/05/2022Evening Pick 30-2-3FB: 2
01/05/2022Evening Pick 42-1-3-3FB: 6
01/05/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto23-24-25-26-38 
01/05/2022Midday Pick 37-4-4FB: 3
01/05/2022Midday Pick 40-4-9-6FB: 8
01/05/2022Powerball06-14-25-33-46[17]PP: X2
01/04/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto07-16-31-38-45 
01/04/2022Evening Pick 35-1-8FB: 1
01/04/2022Evening Pick 41-9-7-3FB: 6
01/04/2022Mega Millions04-06-16-21-22[01]MP: X3
01/04/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto03-12-22-38-41 
01/04/2022Midday Pick 30-1-3FB: 6
01/04/2022Midday Pick 40-0-8-8FB: 5
01/03/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto17-22-27-29-36 
01/03/2022Evening Pick 30-9-2FB: 8
01/03/2022Evening Pick 42-9-7-4FB: 7
01/03/2022Lotto04-13-24-40-46-50ES: 11
01/03/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto18-22-27-38-39 
01/03/2022Midday Pick 33-3-7FB: 6
01/03/2022Midday Pick 45-2-8-3FB: 0
01/03/2022Powerball02-13-32-33-48[22]PP: X2
01/02/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto10-18-21-28-39 
01/02/2022Evening Pick 37-1-9FB: 3
01/02/2022Evening Pick 40-0-7-6FB: 8
01/02/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto02-23-24-32-45 
01/02/2022Midday Pick 37-0-0FB: 2
01/02/2022Midday Pick 44-4-3-7FB: 4
01/01/2022Evening Lucky Day Lotto15-25-41-42-44 
01/01/2022Evening Pick 34-0-5FB: 5
01/01/2022Evening Pick 48-2-5-6FB: 5
01/01/2022Lotto09-16-18-24-33-43ES: 14
01/01/2022Midday Lucky Day Lotto20-23-26-40-44 
01/01/2022Midday Pick 30-1-5FB: 0
01/01/2022Midday Pick 49-1-6-5FB: 5
01/01/2022Powerball06-12-39-48-50[07]PP: X2